Adox Thermometer, Dial with 8 inch probe

Adox Thermometer, Dial with 8 inch probe

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For b & w and colour, luminous, 2.2 inch face

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Whether for film or paper development, colour or black and white - this thermometer measures precisely and reliably.

It has been specially developed for the use in the darkroom with a narrow range of 10 to 50 degrees Centigrade allowing a more accurate scale to be spread out over this narrow range.

Thus the large display can be read easily under red darkroom light, and if you're doing sheet film tray development in complete darkness, you'll love the glowing dial and the marker at 20 degrees. The thermometer is made from stainless steel and is maintenance-free. It also incorporates a stainless steel clip that helps make sure that the thermometer sits securely on the tray lip (or developing tank rim) and that the scale is level.

The 8 inch (20cm) probe length means you can also effortlessly measure the temperature of liquids in a high container like a measuring beaker. But because of the length, it isn't intended for trays that are smaller than 8x10 inches.

* Length: ca. 21 cm
* Diameter: ca. 5,5 cm
* Measures from: 10 to 50 deg C / 50 to 120 deg F
* Scale: Celsius in Half-degree steps and Fahrenheit
* Precision: 1% (equals +/- 0,2? at 38?)
* Readability in the dark: glowing indicator and the marker at 20? C
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