Adox Adotech IV, 100 ml

Adox Adotech III, 100 ml

Item: 40902

Liquid, for use with Adox CMS20 film, develops 6 rolls

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Adox CMS 20 is highest resolving film in the world but you need this developer to get the most from it.
Adotech II is used for this development when the film has been exposed at between 12 and 20 ISO. If you use this developer you'll get images with perfect halftones.

Other than common microfilm developers, Adotech IV is very resistant against streaking or producing turbulence- clouds next to the film sprocket holes.

However, you still have to use some general caution in agitating the film development tank.
This bottle with 100ml will process 4 films when diluted at 1+9.

Please refer to the instructions on the PDF for important usage information.

Manufacturer’s Description

ADOTECH II yields a very high tolerance against density irregularities in large homogenous grey areas which are common for microfi lms. In order to keep this protection we recomend developing only one fi lm at a time in a tank. Clean your tanks thoroughly before use to wash out all fi xer. Ideally use a separate tank just for ADOTECH.

Characteristics of ADOX ADOTECH II developer:

* Very good film speed utilisation
* Enhanced edge sharpness and resolution
* Very good detail contrast
* Remarkable exposure latitude. Capable of equalizing high object contrast and better resolution in
the highlights.
* Enhanced highlight and shaddow differentiation without negatice affect on the midtones.
* Very good dmax.
* Very fine grain
* Surpresses artefacts in large homogenous grey areas
* Easy to use (can be used in tanks also used for other developers)
* Remarkably long shelve life for a technical developer
* Low toxidity (no Hydrochinon or poissons)

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