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Helping Hand

Helping Hand


Sometimes we all need a little help. That's what makes Firstcall different from your average photographic reseller. We are specialists and happy to impart our 28 years of exclusive photographic retailing knowledge for the benefit of all our customers (whether before or after you make a purchase).

Call on 01823 413007 or email us for this free service. Alternatively, we've put together some PDF's of frequently asked questions and further supplier information below.


pdf  Ten tips for better business photos PDF

pdf  Camera Sensor Size comparison PDF

pdf  Digiscoping hints PDF

pdf  Film Development Chart 2019 PDF 

pdf  Faults on B&W Negatives PDF

pdf  Faults on B&W Prints PDF

pdf  Ilford MG IV Settings PDF



pdf  Enlarger Replacement Lamps

pdf  Picture layout of the ideal darkroom setup

pdf  School Darkroom Setup PDF

pdf  School Darkroom Setup - Excel spreadsheet

  School Studio Equipment PDF

  Studio & Tungsten Lighting Replacement tubes and bulbs.PDF

  Colorama Full Colour Swatch for Background Paper

pdf  Lastolite Full Colour Swatch for Background Paper

  Pentax Film SLR Instruction Manuals

  Ilford Full Product Range Brochure 2018



pdf  Back to Basics: Toning PDF

pdf  C41 Colour Film Developing with Rollei Digibase Kits PDF

pdf  Dying with Solarfast PDF

  How to Process a Slide Film

pdf  Making Your First B&W Print PDF

pdf  Processing your first B&W film PDF

  Slide copying technique.PDF




Supplier Contact Addresses

Sometimes we refer you to the supplier directly for technical help or warranty issues. The following list is compiled of the our most relevant suppliers and their products ranges to help you.

Ansmann Energy UK Ltd

Ansmann Batteries and Chargers

08706092233 www.ansmann.co.uk


Canon UK Ltd.       

Canon Cameras, Scanners, Printers

01737 220000 0207 6600186 www.canon.co.uk


Champion Distribution    


01844 344988 www.championdistribution.co.uk


Daler-Rowney Ltd. 

Rowney, Logan     

01344424621  www.daler-rowney.co.uk


Daymen International Ltd

Lowepro, Joby      

0845 2500790 www.daymen.co.uk




02078375649  www.elinchrom.com


Epson (UK) Ltd.     

Epson Scanners/Printers  

01952 607111 www.epson.co.uk


Firstcall Photographic Ltd.        

Adox, AP, Ars-Imago, Bergger, Beseler, Blue Sunprints, Clearfile, Condor, Delta, E Film, Firstcall, Foldio, Green Screen, Jacquard, Jobo, LPL, Phenix, Rockloid, Revolog, Rollei     

01823 413007 www.firstcall-photographic.co.uk



Fotospeed, Kaiser, Hahnemuhle, Herma       

01249 714555 www.fotospeed.com


Fuji Photo Film (UK) Ltd  


0344 5532321 www.fujifilm.co.uk


Hähnel industries Ltd


00 353 23 8841606 www.hahnel.ie


Hama PVAC Ltd.    


0333 123 4262 www.hama.co.uk

Harman Technology Ltd

llford, Harman, Kentmere

01565 684000 www.ilford.com


Interfit International Ltd
01215224800  www.interfitphotographic.com


Introphoto 2020 Ltd.       

Cokin, Gossen, Hoya, Joby, Lensbaby, Metz, Slik, Sunpak, Tamrac, Velbon

01628 674411 www.introphoto.co.uk


Johnsons Photopia Ltd.  

Gepe, Pocket Wizzard, Sekonic

01782 753348 www.johnsons-photopia.co.uk


JVC Europe Ltd     


0208 2087676 www.jvc.co.uk


Kauser International Trad. Ltd   

Ohnar, Seagull       

01923858288  www.kauserinternational.com

Kenro Ltd    

Kenro, Marumi, Nissin , Braun, Reflecta

01793 615836 www.kenro.co.uk


Kood International Ltd    


01727823812  www.koodinternational.com


Manfrotto UK        

Manfrotto, Lastolite, Colorama 

01530566090  www.lastolite.com / www.manfrotto.co.uk


Nikon UK Ltd.        


020 8481 6875 www.nikon.co.uk


Nova Darkroom Equip. Ltd

Nova, Permajet     

01789 739200 www.novadarkroom.com


Pansonic UK Ltd


01344862444  www.panasonic.co.uk


Paterson Photographic Ltd

Paterson, Benbo   

0121 5204830 www.patersonphotographic.com


Ricoh Imaging UK Ltd

Pentax, Ricoh       

00800 07070808 www.ricoh.co.uk




01234 224545 www.rotatrim.com




0207 3654193 www.sandisk.com


Sigma Imaging UK Ltd.     


01707 329999 www.sigma-imaging-uk.com


St.Cuthberts Mill

Bockingford, Somerset    

01749 672 015 www.stcuthbertsmill.com


Tetenal UK Ltd

Tetenal, Kodak Pro

0116263 0306 www.tetenal.com


Vent Axia Ltd.


01293 526062 www.vent-axia.com