Dubblefilm Apollo 135-36Dubblefilm Apollo 135-36
Dubblefilm Apollo 135-36
Adds a lovely blue to yellowish hue to your photos
Dubblefilm Bubblegum 135-36Dubblefilm Bubblegum 135-36
Dubblefilm Bubblegum 135-36
Add lovely pastel hues to your photographs

Dubblefilm Jelly 135-36Dubblefilm Jelly 135-36
Dubblefilm Jelly 135-36
Make your photos burst with bright colours
Dubblefilm Pacific 135-36Dubblefilm Pacific 135-36
Dubblefilm Pacific 135-36
Creates beautiful sepia/blue/greenish tones to enhance your photos

Dubblefilm Solar 135-36Dubblefilm Solar 135-36
Dubblefilm Solar 135-36
Added light leaks on this film give your photos fantastic colour highlights