Adox Starter Developing Kit for Black and White Film

Adox Starter Developing Kit for Black and White Film
Adox Starter Developing Kit for Black and White FilmAdox Starter Developing Kit for Black and White Film

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Everything you need to develop your own b/w film

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This kit is a great way to get you processing black and white film for the first time. It is the only kit we sell that contains both the accessories AND chemicals needed to go straight from an unexposed film from your camera, to giving you a finished, developed negative in your hands. The kit allows you to process 35mm or medium format (120mm) film.

Although basic, the kit contains the following items:
- a Paterson Universal two film tank with two spirals
- a thermometer
- a 25 ml measuring cylinder
- 100 ml of ADONAL film developer
- 100 ml of ADOFIX Fixer
- 50 ml of ADOLFO wetting agent
- an exposed film to rehearse the film spooling process

You can develop ten films with this kit before you need to reorder any chemistry.

The following items are assumed to be in your house already:

- a dark room to spool the film (alternatively buy a changing bag)
- a stop clock with a minute hand
- a pair of scissors
- a pair of clothes pegs to hang the film for drying
- a measuring beaker

If you need any of these ancillary items, they are all available to purchase separately from us as is a low price scanner for you to load your negatives into your PC/Mac or enlarging equipment for printing.

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