Adox HR-50, 135-36, ISO 50

Adox HR-50, 135-36, ISO 50
Adox HR-50, 135-36, ISO 50Adox HR-50, 135-36, ISO 50Adox HR-50, 135-36, ISO 50Adox HR-50, 135-36, ISO 50Adox HR-50, 135-36, ISO 50

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Ultra fine grain, suitable for street and landscape photography

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Adox HR-50 is a new film whose emulsion is normally used for extra sharp technical purposes. The grain is ultrafine and is super-panchromatically sensitive.

The origin speed of this film is ISO 25 (like Rollei RPX25) but it has been given a speed boost for rating at ISO 50 as standard. Both film speeds can happily be used with it. We feel it especially suitable for street and landscape photography

The gamma is reduced so it becomes perfectly usable for pictorial photography in regular developers but if you do use the film for portraiture work, we recommend using Adox's dedicated HR-Dev developer. It has been specifically made for use with this new film.

If you don’t use the special developer, we suggest the only other film developers to use are Ilford DDX, Adox FX39 or Kodak HC110. In our view, all the others don’t work very well.

The other bonus is that this new film can be used for Infrared work too (use the new low-cost IR filter from Adox) and it also responds extremely well to all other filtration (yellow, orange, red, blue, green).

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Product Features
35mm film ISO 50
  • Film size: 35mm film
  • Film Speed: ISO 50
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