Adox MCC 110 VC FB Glossy, 9.5 x 12in, Pack of 50

Adox MCC 110 VC FB Glossy,  9.5 x 12in,  Pack of 50
Adox MCC 110 VC FB Glossy,  9.5 x 12in,  Pack of 50Adox MCC 110 VC FB Glossy,  9.5 x 12in,  Pack of 50

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It's not very often that a new darkroom material comes along that allows us to proclaim such a superlative. But this newly produced black and white VC FB paper, from Berlin based photo distributors 'Fotoimpex', in our view is simply the best photographic fibre paper currently on the market.
The paper's coming to market is quite a story too - essentially being a re-make of the legendary Agfa MCC and now coated on a pure-white, double-weight, and fibre base stock. We are proud to say that Agfa Multicontrast Classic lives once again but perhaps it should be called Agfa Multicontrast Plus as it also carries some of the inherent characteristics of 'Agfa Record Rapid'.

But just why is this 180g paper so good? Well, the brightness of the base is superb compared to other VC FB papers which tend mostly to have a creamy base. It reacts well to warm or cold developers and is ideal for general purpose or fine art work. Tonality is from neutral black to warm black. It dries easily too (for an FB paper). It is optimized for Ilford Multigrade Filters, the range of grades from: 0 to 5.5 is achievable. DMAX is greater than 2.2 and it can be used under OC or Red safelight conditions.

This really is a paper that will you be able to make any print you've ever made, including many you thought were gone forever since 2000, due to the various contrast limitations of other papers. You'll find it will quickly become a prime paper for your printing needs. The only one drawback is that currently it's only available in a smooth gloss surface but we hope Matt will follow during 2011.
If you only try one new paper this year - it must be Adox MCC110. It will leave you with an overall feeling of richness and vitality that will not fail to please.
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Product Features
  • Paper Finish: Gloss
  • Paper Sizes: 9.5 x 12in
  • Sheets: 50 Sheets
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