CineStill Xpro C-41 ISO 800 Tungsten 120

CineStill Xpro C-41 ISO 800 Tungsten 120
CineStill Xpro C-41 ISO 800 Tungsten 120CineStill Xpro C-41 ISO 800 Tungsten 120CineStill Xpro C-41 ISO 800 Tungsten 120CineStill Xpro C-41 ISO 800 Tungsten 120CineStill Xpro C-41 ISO 800 Tungsten 120

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Fast Tungsten 3200K film that can be developed in C41

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CineStill is an ISO 800 Tungsten film that can be developed in normal C41 chemistry. Balanced for household lighting at 3200 K, this film is versatile, especially because it can be rated between ISO 200 - ISO 2000 according to the manufacturer. it is now available in medium format as well as (the original) 35mm.

You probably know that if you shoot with this Tungsten film in daylight conditions, you will need an 85B (orange) filter to lift it from 3200K to 5600K. Sadly, these are no longer available as screw in filters - but Cokin do a slot-in version in the P range.
However, if you want to use it for studio photography, you can use Tungsten lights (which tend to be hotter but cheaper than daylight balanced lights) for the job. Please see right margin for more details.

CineStill is a repackaged and reworked Kodak Vision 3 500T 5219 movie film which will develop with standard C41 processes.

Recommended ISO and acceptable exposure for push processing:

ISO 800 - No push - EI 200-1600
ISO 1250 - 1 stop push - EI 800-2000
ISO 1600 - 2 stop push - EI 1250-3200
ISO 3200 - 3 stop push - EI 1600-3200 (added contrast)


* Colour Balanced Tungsten color negative motion picture film stock for use as still photography film
* Factory spooled with self-adhesive labels inside
* Remjet backing free, resulting in a slight halation effect
* Designed for difficult low light tungsten situations
* When shot in daylight, an 85B filter is recommended and shooting the film at 500 ISO
* Acceptable for push processing up to 3200 ISO
* Recommended to process C-41 without worrying about remjet
Manufacturer's Description
The second generation of CineStill film is now being produced! With an improved and refined process, 800Tungsten is producing superb result in standard C-41 chemistry!

Great rated ISO 200-2000! Can be pushed to 3000! Original fresh stock from Kodak Vision3 500T 5219 prepped and rolled for clean safe C-41 standard development as an ISO 800 film. May also still be processed in motion picture ECN-2 chemistry.

Our very custom 'Premoval' (patent-pending) process makes motion picture ( ECN2 / ECN-2 ) film safe to process in standard C-41 photo lab chemicals or at home.

Note: This film was designed to be processed in ECN-2 Chemicals and may still be processed in it's native chemistry. Test results show consistent in standard C-41 machine processing when compared with ECN-2 motion picture lab processing performed by professional labs. Long term archival stability has not been tested past 3 years. Expectations for archival longevity should be somewhere between Kodachrome and most C-41 films but there are no guarantees.
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Product Features
120 film ISO 800
  • Film size: 120 film
  • Film Speed: ISO 800
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