Sekonic Flashmate L-308X Light Meter

Sekonic Flashmate L-308X Light Meter
Sekonic Flashmate L-308X Light MeterSekonic Flashmate L-308X Light MeterSekonic Flashmate L-308X Light MeterSekonic Flashmate L-308X Light MeterSekonic Flashmate L-308X Light Meter

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Best-selling, all-in-one light meter

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* Measurement: light, flash light (direct & reflective)
* Readout: whole stop; 1/2-stop; 1/3-stop
* Light measurement range: LV 0 - LV 19.9
* Flash light meaurement range: F1.4-F90.9 (ISO 100)
* Repeat precision: +/- 0,1EV or less
* Film sensitivity: ISO 3 - 8000
* Aperture range: F / 0.5 - F / 90.9
* Shutter speed flash: 1 - 1/500 sec
* Shutter speed ambient light: 60 - 1/8000 sec
* Light value: LW (-) 5 / LW 26,2
* Power supply: 1x AA battery (included)
* Dimensions: 63mm (w) x 110mm (h) x 22mm (d)
* Weight: 80 grams

The Sekonic L-308X Flashmate is the new replacement for their popular Flashmate L-308S Flash Meter and includes substantial upgrades and features over the previous model making it the ideal all-in-one light meter for serious photographers.

It is a must-have for studio and on-location photographers and is the smallest and lightest digital light meter in the Sekonic range. It offers both ambient and flash lighting exposure control for photographers as well as being suitable for video with its dedicated Cine and HD Cine modes

It can handle both direct and reflected light exposure measurements in increments of full, half or third stops when using either digital or film cameras. It also has an extensive metering range from 0 to 19.9 EV at ISO 100, and its flash range is f/1.0 to f/90.9 at ISO 100. Its accuracy rating is The exposure data and related information are displayed using clear icons, which you can read even in low lighting conditions.

Manufacturer's Description

Sekonic L-308X Flashmate - Features

Three Meters in One

Keeping pace with the demands of modern image creators that move from assignment to assignment, the L-308X-U features three metering modes
Photo Mode
  The L-308X offers full exposure control for photographers on-location or in the studio. Measurement data for flash and ambient light readings are clearly displayed on screen, as well as ambient EV measurement. In addition to Shutter Priority Mode, the new Aperture Priority Mode offers photographers care free measurements where depth-of-field is critical.
HD Cine Mode
Gives cinematographers a compact solution for scouting locations or as a quick go-to solution while they are on set. The 308X-U lets users select from a range of frame rates and shutter angles, while measuring accurately, to within one-tenth of a stop. Also, the addition of ISO 850 greatly assists cinematographers by giving them the option of taking measurements in the native ISOs of many of today's professional cinema cameras.
Cine Mode
Designed with the professional in mind, the FLASHMATE L-308X can take on the challenges of digital cinematography. Select from the right combination of frame rates and shutter angles to achieve the exposure control necessary with one-tenth stop accuracy. Truly universal, the FLASHMATE L-308X offers Lux (lx) and foot-candle (fc) readout enabling a quick set up of lighting in a compact, affordable and easy-to use design.
Three Ways to Measure

Slide the built-in lumisphere to the right and insert the lumidisc (optional) into the provide slot over the light receiver. The L-308X is now ready to measure flat subjects or lighting contrast with precision.
  The Lumisphere provides incident light readings for nearly foolproof exposure readings and enables lighting that scene before talent arrives.
The Lumidisc is perfect for lighting green screens, adjusting ratios and taking lux and foot-candle measurements.
Lumidisc (optional)
Reflected light readings enable measuring the brightness of subject tones, gray cards, light sources or window light.


Updated Available ISOs

Now includes ISO 850 the native ISO of some of today’s most popular video cameras.

Illuminated display

Backlight LCD turns on automatically under EV5.

Calibration compensation

Adjust the L-308X to your Film or Digital camera’s exposure or matching the L-308X to other hand-held meters. (+/-1.0EV in 0.1 step)

Custom setting

Three custom settings are available to select display mode, increment of measurement and unit of illuminance (lx or fc) to fit to your camera and metering requirements.

Illuminance Measurement

Lux(lx) and foot-candle(fc) display is especially used for cinematogaraphy, theatrical and other applications that require precise control of light source brightness. Either no display, lux or foot-candle is selectable in custom setting.

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