Ilford Multigrade Cooltone RC Pearl 9.5 x 12in, Pack of 50

Ilford Multigrade Cooltone RC Pearl 9.5 x 12in, Pack of 50
Ilford Multigrade Cooltone RC Pearl 9.5 x 12in, Pack of 50Ilford Multigrade Cooltone RC Pearl 9.5 x 12in, Pack of 50

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24 x 30.5 cm

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Ilford offers three versions of its brand-leading variable contrast black and white paper - Multigrade RC Cooltone, Multigrade RC IV (neutral) and Multigrade Warmtone.

Cooltone produces a sharper, punchier image (especially using a gloss surface) when compared to the equivalent Warmtone Multigrade. We particularly recommend the paper if you are using under-exposed negatives. It is a faster paper than RC IV or Warmtone and is ideally suited to those condenser enlargers with just 75-watt bulbs (90% of the student/hobbyist market).

The all-round merits of Multigrade VI are well known and is the best value selection of the trio. We also offer a greater range of pack sizes and sheet quantities in the Multigrade IV series. Process both Cooltone and Multigrade IV using the same chemicals i.e. Multigrade developer and Rapid Fixer. In our experience, you will need to allow longer for the MG developer in Cooltone than you do for MG IV.

Multigrade Warmtone produces a rich, warm black image on a warm white base without the complications of using fibre-based paper. Choose from glossy or pearl surface. If you have a special negative, particularly if it is a portrait, try Warmtone RC, you will not be disappointed. Develop in Fotospeed WA10, or better still, Variospeed W from Tetenal, which brings out the subtle warm colour.

Warmtone remains in vogue for 'dreamy' landscape prints. To achieve such results, this is the paper we would recommend. It lends itself perfectly to toning and has been one of the best selling papers in the last year.

Manufacturer’s Description
ILFORD MULTIGRADE RC COOLTONE is a premium quality, variable contrast black and white photographic paper with a cool image tone on a cool white 190g/m2 resin coated base. It is part of the ILFORD MULTIGRADE SYSTEM and is fully compatible with all existing ILFORD MULTIGRADE FILTERS and equipment. It is suitable for printing all black and white negatives. ILFORD MULTIGRADE RC COOLTONE is available in two surfaces: 1M glossy and 44M pearl
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Product Features
  • Paper Finish: Lustre
  • Paper Sizes: 9.5 x 12in
  • Sheets: 50 Sheets
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