Heiland TAS Jobo Film Processor

Heiland TAS Jobo Film Processor
Heiland TAS Jobo Film ProcessorHeiland TAS Jobo Film ProcessorHeiland TAS Jobo Film Processor

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Semi-automatic film processor for Jobo1500 and 2500 series tanks

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The Heiland TAS Film Processor (Tank Agitating System) will guarantee you a better standard development when processing all your films in the darkroom.

Suitable for black and white film developing, the device simultaneously turns and tilts the film developing tank in a mechanical way in which hand processing could never replicate.

Built-in pauses are included in its software too - just like manual development. However, because the development is machine controlled, agitation is controlled much more precisely. Together with the integrated calculator for temperature compensation your negatives will be developed reproducibly and conveniently from the time you first use your TAS Film Processor.

We consider the TAS to be a semi-automatic processor. The programming only requires you to enter six different data values. It does not heat your chemicals (like a Jobo) but does everything else as far as the microprocessing and agitation are concerned. It is, of course, cheaper than a Jobo and if you want to do large format development - you specify the model you want at the time of purchase (4 x 5 or 8 x 10 processing).

You need to set the temperature control manually during set up, but you also get to set temperature compensation through its internal calculator. This is great for those hot room temperatures during summer days whereby the TAS automatically reduces development time when applied.

Another advantage over Jobo and conventional processing too is the small footprint of the unit. If you temporarily do not need the TAS, you can easily store it on a shelf. The device is light enough to transport away from the darkroom, and a car battery can power it.

For college or club use, individual users can personalise the machine by plugging in their Memory Stick with preferred development information, but the machine will automatically remember the last process used in its internal stored memory.

There are two other things we found to recommend the TAS, often not written about the machine. It's good for two bath processes (like Pyro), and because of the slow movement when using high dilutions, no foam is created in the tank.

Benefits of buying a TAS Film Processor

* Reproducible results, better acutance of negatives due to automatic agitation and pause modes
* Ends monotonous manual work
* Cheaper than conventional alternative film processors
* Small size - fits in every darkroom
* Transportable - could also be used in campers and cars (12V/24V supply)
* Ideally suited for Zone System and two bath processes
* Accepts existing tanks from JOBO and others
* For formats from 35mm to 8x10 inch (when the applicable model is chosen)
* Ideal for photography clubs with exchangeable memory sticks for every user
* Easy handling, accepts variable parameters
* Compensates total development time depending on programmed temperature
* If you change your development tank brand, new plates can be bought to adapt to the new tank type

Please note that Jobo users with tanks of the type 2500 should be equipped with a magnet for help with centring.

Manufacturer’s Description

Film development in comfort with uncompromising quality

As a photography enthusiast you probably prefer to develop films in your own darkroom. However, development by hand is a time consuming, even boring procedure especially if one has a stack of films to develop. Nevertheless, consistent results based on a tested combination of film types, exposure and development are of prime importance.

The Heiland automatic 35mm and 120mm roll film tank agitation system will satisfy the most discerning of darkroom devotees, in particular 'Zone System' specialists. Moreover, it will accept all existing development tanks.

Simple operation
* Input development instructions once
* Load tank with film(s) (standard procedure in total darkness!)
* Fill tank and tap on table to release bubbles
* Attach tank to holder and fasten clamp
* Press start button
* TAS starts with a continuous agitation, followed by intervals of pauses and agitation
* The end of the process is signalled by a continuous beep.

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