Fotospeed FD10 Film Developer, 1 litre

Fotospeed FD10 Film Developer, 1 litre

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Liquid, one-shot economy, makes 10 litres

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Although we stock 40 different types of developer, two liquid film developers outsell all the remainder - the new Ilford Ilfosol 3 and Fotospeed FD10.

Closely related in formulaic terms, they are both liquid concentrated developers that have both been tried and tested over the years.
They are noted for their fine grain and good sharpness and are particularly good at developing medium and slow speed films like Ilford Pan 100 or 400 films.

For use you dilute the liquid concentrate normally at 1+9 for one-shot use at 20 degrees C. For greater economy they can be used with many films at a higher dilution of 1+14 with only a small trade off in image quality. Full unopened bottles will keep for a year and opened for four months.

The real difference between the two is that Ilfosol 3 only comes in 500ml bottles which typically make 5 litres of working solutions. Fotospeed FD10 also comes in a (cheaper) 250ML bottle but also in 1 litre and 5 litre options too. This means for schools and colleges, when bought in 5 litre containers, it is the most economic film developer that we sell. This large container will make 50 litres or put another way - DEVELOP UP TO 170 FILMS when a typical 35mm tank uses 300ml of working solution. For tutors on a budget, this equates to a cost of only 12p a film.
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