Firstcall Eye Care Pod Station

Firstcall Eye Care Pod Station

Item: 70013

Wall cabinet, sterile eyewash for eye or face splashes

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Most darkroom workers appreciate the potential dangers associated with handling processing chemicals.

Wall fixed eye wash station for easy identification in an emergency.

The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body and are often prone to miniscule dust and dirt landing in them, causing discomfort, distress and can potentially lead to a more serious injury if not properly dealt with at the time. Foreign objects can end up in the eye in almost any environment. Although it would seem that an outdoor setting would increase the chance of there being debris which may lead to an eye injury, this does not eliminate the potential for accidents to happen even in low-risk environments.

The Eye Care Pod Station attaches to the wall via a bracket and has a transparent dust cover for easy identification in an emergency. The kit contains a mirror which can help with self-administration. There is also has an illustrated eye treatment guide for the correct procedures for dealing with all levels of eye injury, from small to significant. It is often the case that the initial treatment that an individual receives in the case of an accident can make a massive difference to the long-term effects it has upon them.

Deal quickly, effectively, correctly and safely with all eye injuries in the workplace with this eye care kit.

Key Features

St John Ambulance approved
Eye Wash Refills and replacement Eye Pads available
Contains a mirror and small eye treatment guide for minor and major eye injuries
Dust cover which can be easily lifted and instructions for both minor and major eye injuries

Kit Contains:

2x 500ml Bottles of Eye Wash
2x No. 16 Eye Pads
5x eye wash phials
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