Ars-Imago Monobath Film Developer, A & B, 500ml

Ars-Imago Monobath Film Developer, A & B, 500ml
Ars-Imago Monobath Film Developer, A & B, 500mlArs-Imago Monobath Film Developer, A & B, 500ml

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Develop and fix your black and white film at the same time with only one bath!

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With the new Ars-Imago MB mono bath film developer, you can develop and fix at the same time with only one bath!

This highly concentrated all-in-one developer, for black and white films, produces negatives that have medium-high contrast with a real and evenly-balanced tone scale.

Just mix Part A and Part B to get 500ml of working solution in a jug. Pour the solution into the developing tank and 8 minutes is all it takes at 20 degrees C for most black and white film to be developed (and fixed). No stop bath required.

You can re-use the working solution several times in a couple of weeks or the stock solution can be diluted 1:1 and used as one shot developer.

You can achieve the best results with conventional cubic-grain films like Ilford's HP5 and FP4, Kodak Tri-X or Kentmere. It is not recommended to use MOnobath with T-Grain films like Ilford Delta or Kodak T-Max.

This fast, easy and efficient solution to developing your black and white films, with only one chemical bath, makes it's an ideal companion to the new Lab-Box from Ars-Imago too.
Manufacturer’s Description

Stock A+B: Mix Part A and Part B 1+1 to obtain the working stock solution. It can be reused more times in two weeks (guaranteed).
The suggested developing time is 8 minutes with standard agitation of 10 seconds every minute.

Diluted 2+1+1: Mix the stock solution with the same quantity of water to obtain a diluted solution 1+1 (2 parts of water, 1 part A and 1 part B). It has to be used as one shot developer and discarded afterwards.
The suggested developing time is 10 minutes with standard agitation of 10 seconds every minute.

After the development rinse the film for at least 10 minutes.

TEMPERATURE: The temperature doesn't influence a lot the development but it has to be between 20? and 25?.

AGITATION: Continuous for the first 30 seconds, then 10 seconds every minute.

CAPACITY/DURATION: The developer is guaranteed up to 15 films with the stock solution used within two weeks. Probably the capacity and the duration are greater.
The diluted solution is a single use developer, discard after the process.

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