Ars-Imago Lab-Box Daylight Developing Tank - Green

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Ars-Imago Lab-Box Daylight Develping Tank - Green
Ars-Imago Lab-Box Daylight Develping Tank - GreenArs-Imago Lab-Box Daylight Develping Tank - GreenArs-Imago Lab-Box Daylight Develping Tank - GreenArs-Imago Lab-Box Daylight Develping Tank - GreenArs-Imago Lab-Box Daylight Develping Tank - Green

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First modular daylight-loading tank that can be used everywhere,

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Never before has it been this easy to process your films if you use this multi-format, daylight-loading film development tank.

Most analogue photographers have two options when it comes to processing the film they shoot - develop the rolls yourself or take them to your local lab. Until now, being away from home, without a darkroom or a changing bag has meant extreme difficulty in getting a film developed.

With the brand new Lab-Box from Ars-Imago, you can process 35mm or 120 film from start to end in full-daylight, thereby dispensing with the need for a darkroom.

Lab-Box is the most comfortable and quickest tool to develop your own films in full daylight, anywhere and at any time, bypassing the need to load the rolls in the dark. It is a multi-format tank that allows developing film from start to end, thanks to the two interchangeable modules and its multi-format reel enabling the processing of both 135 mm and 120 mm films

* Universal and Modular: with one tank, it is possible to develop both 135 and 120 film rolls, by merely switching the loading module.
* Compact and Portable: its small size allows for easy carrying, in a bag or a backpack.
* Quick and Easy: film rolls can be loaded and developed in daylight, through an intuitive and straightforward process.
* Versatile and Professional: it is perfectly suitable for beginners, but will also meet the needs of more experienced photographers, offering the possibility to experiment with different developing processes.

The 135 Module has a film slot where you position and fix the 35mm cassette. You then clip the film and close the lid is closed. Then rotate the outer knob (or use the crank handle) to load the film onto the reel. Once fully loaded, an internal blade will cut the film, separating it from the cartridge.
The 120 Module has two compartments: the top one where you place the film, which is then automatically loaded in the bottom one. Once the lid is closed, pulling out the black backing paper, through the split on the back, will automatically load the film in the second, lightproof compartment. Then you can open the lid to clip the film and afterwards close it again to rotate the outer knob and loading the film onto the reel.

Development Agitation
With Lab-Box, it is possible to choose to partially or fully submerge the reel in liquid, to experiment with different kinds of agitation. Once the chemicals are inside the tank, it is possible to agitate them as required by rotating the outer knob which will turn the reel, allowing the correct movement of liquids, for a uniform development.

Continuous Agitation
Filling the tank with 270 ml of liquid, you will only partially submerge the reel. The film has to be agitated continuously during the whole processing time by turning the outer knob.

Intermittent Agitation
Filling the tank with 500 ml of liquid, you will fully submerge the reel. The film can be agitated intermittently during processing time by turning the outer knob.

The Lab-Box is available in two different colours. You can choose between Orange or Green tops with matching charcoal ABS cases.
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