Ars-Imago Developing Tank Lab-Box, Daylight & Multi-format

Ars-Imago Developing Tank Lab-Box, Daylight & Multi-format
Ars-Imago Developing Tank Lab-Box, Daylight & Multi-formatArs-Imago Developing Tank Lab-Box, Daylight & Multi-formatArs-Imago Developing Tank Lab-Box, Daylight & Multi-format

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First modular daylight-loading tank that can be used everywhere,

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Delivery: First stock due Spring 2019


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The first multi-format, daylight-loading film development tank.

Most analogue photographers have two options when it comes to processing the film they shoot - develop the rolls yourself or take them to your local lab. Until now, being away from home, without a darkroom or a changing bag has meant extreme difficulty in getting a film developed.

With the brand new Lab-Box from Ars-Imago, you can process 35mm or 120 film from start to end in full daylight, thereby dispensing with the need for a darkroom. Conceived through a Kickstarter program, it was oversubscribed seven times, an amazing endorsement.

It achieves multi-format status by using a clever design of two interchangeable modules and an adjustable spiral that'll accommodate both types of popular film. It's quick and easy to use and makes it possible to process film - everywhere.

The interior consists of three interchangeable sections; either the 120 or 35mm module and the reel module. Made from ABS plastic and stainless steel, we're now taking Pre-Orders on the Multi-Format universal tank with confirmed deliveries after Photokina (end September).

Company Statement March 2018:

The latest delivery update news from Ars-Imago on the Lab Box is as follows:
Following the Kickstarter updates, the Lab-Box improvements and manufacturing issues (almost small) mean our first batch will incorporate all these changes.
Week commencing 12th March, we will close the designing part of the project and go for the production.
Realistically, the first production and shipment will be by the summer with all back orders delivered by September. Although not a precise science we hope this gives the best information available and a decision to place/retain your order.

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