Transfer your 35mm slides on to DVD

Firstcall Transfer your 35mm slides on to DVD
Firstcall Transfer your 35mm slides on to DVDFirstcall Transfer your 35mm slides on to DVD


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Transfer 36 digital images back to 35mm film
Transfer your 35mm slides on to DVD

Expires 1st January 2099

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Digitize old slides so that you can view them on a computer/TV

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Delivery: 1-3 Days

Bulk discounts available:
26+ @ £0.60 each
100+ @ £0.50 each
200+ @ £0.40 each
500+ @ £0.30 each


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The problems with getting your slide collection digitized are well known. It's an incredibly time-consuming and fiddly job to manually keep changing adaptors or slide carriers regardless of how you scan them. For example, slide copiers attached to a digital SLR can only be done singularly; film scanners just take a maximum of five slides to an adaptor, and even the quickest method by use of a print scanner will only take a maximum of twelve slides at once. The changeover time to re-load slides eventually drives most photographers mad with frustration.

In addition to the time-constraint problem, there is the more critical issue of quality. Slide photographers are some of the most quality conscious image makers around. Why would you want to degrade an image during transfer to such a low level whereby it's almost unrecognisable from the original? Such is the proposition sold by cheap newspaper offers, e.g. the Ion 35mm Film and Slide Scanner. Its name alone is a misrepresentation - it's not a scanner, but merely a film camera that copies your images at a lowly 5 megapixels yet costs ?90 for the privilege.

Our SlideSnap Pro is the uniquely different solution to your slide scanning needs. It is like a slide copier on steroids. The basic methodology is that we take a professional Kodak Carousel projector and then replace the halogen lamp with a diffused LED light source. We then add a Nikon D7000 to record the projected images onto a memory card via an electronic control pad to synchronise the picture taking.

This means fast, high-quality and consistent slide copying. Each image is scanned at 16MP (4928 x 3264) - higher if required. You get a DVD included in the price which will hold 500 slides at this resolution. Having your treasured images on an SD card then means you can view them on your computer, watch them on your TV, make prints or better yet share them with family and friends.
How much does the service cost (including VAT)

1-25 slides £0.80 per slide
26-99 slides £0.60 per slide
100-199 slides £0.50 per slide
200-499 slides £0.40 per slide
500+ slides £0.30 per slide

How to order:

*Print off the PDF order form above
* Gather your slides together and arrange them in the order you want us to scan them.
* Make sure they are clean as we do not use Digital Ice when scanning.
* As far as possible, try to get them in the right orientation although any that are inadvertently misaligned can easily be flipped in your software programme.
* Being a carousel system, you can send us your slides already in their magazines (80 slides maximum) or just send them to us in the plastic ""lab"" boxes you got at the time of processing.
* We advise that you send your slides by recorded delivery (this is ?0.95 on top of standard postage charges) or Special Delivery (which is even more secure).
* Return of your slides is by courier, and we keep a copy of all work undertaken for two weeks in case of loss in transit.

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