Tetenal Paranol S Film Developer, 250ml

Tetenal Paranol S Film Developer, 250ml

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Liquid, compensating film developer, makes up to 12.5 litres

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We welcome the introduction of Tetenal's new Paranol S, a compensating developer - like Rodinal (in all but name) made to Tetenal's exacting standards.

Apart from the quality manufacture of this p-Aminophenol-based developer - its low price makes it the number one choice when looking for a new film developer of this type to experiment with.

Just like Rodinal, you'll love they high acutance and high emulsion speed yield that you'll be able to achieve and (just like the new FX-39 developer) it lends itself to use with low to medium speed B/W negative films (up to ISO 200) when their fine grain properties will be enhanced.

Paranol S can be used in all hand drum processors or in semi-automatic processors like Jobo's CPP3. The working solution cannot be re-used after mixing so treat it as a one-shot and then discard.
You should be able to process up to 25x 35mm or 120 medium format films from the 250ml concentrate bottle. Dilutions can be either 1+25 or 1+50 depending on the required contrast and preferred developing time.

Unopened, the concentrate will last at least two years. Once opened, it should last six months. Paranol S is a much darker developer than most of its contemporaries and is only truly exhausted when the colour changes to deep brown.

See our website for R09 Rodinal development times which also apply for this new developer.
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