Tetenal Colortec RA4 Professional Kit, 5 litres

Tetenal Colortec RA4 Professional Kit, 5 litres

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38 degrees, liquid, makes 5 litres

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This kit is intended to be used with equipment with a thermostatically controlled processing temperature, set at 35? C. Development can be carried out in both roller and standard tank processors (e.g. Jobo Rotation processors and Nova Deep-Tank) as well as in roller developing machines such as Durst Printo.

Odourless technology and simple application means very long keeping properties of the working solutions (approx. 8 weeks). You also get easy mixing due to equal part quantities.

Capacity is approximately 20 square metres for 5 litres of working solution.
The Professional PK RA-4 pack contains colour developer Part 1 (250ml) and Part 2 (250 ml), bleach fixing bath Part1 and 2 (500 ml each) to make up 5 Iitres of working solutions. Partial amounts can also be made up.

The main advantage of this process is the very short processing time. This greatly reduces the time spent waiting for filter and exposure samples. Developing in roller transport machines considerably increases the output of prints. At 35? C the chemical process takes only 90 seconds! That is 45 seconds for the colour developer and 45 seconds for the bleach fixing bath.

In full, closed bottles the baths can be kept for about 3 months and about 4 6 weeks if the solutions are partly used. Up to 3 m2 of paper can be developed per litre of working solution if drums are used for processing. That means sixty 8x10 inch sheets!

If developing in processors, in addition to standard processing (45 seconds at 35? C), a shorter process can also be used, with a 35 second development time at 38? C. if a pre-wash is included before development and a stop bath is put in between the colour developer and the bleach fixing bath.
Choosing 38? C for the process temperature, with processors such as Jobo ATL, means that other 38? C processes, C-41 and the E-6 three bath process can also be used without having to change the temperature of the water jacket.

Because of the high output when developing in drums, it is useful to change the solutions in stages. Replace one third of the working solution with fresh solution after each procedure.

Example: use 90 ml of working solution for two 17 x 24 cm sheets. Collect the solution used after each stage. Use 60 ml of this with 30 I of fresh solution for the next stage and throw the rest away. Repeat as often as you like. The processing times are the same, only the bleach fixing is extended by 15 seconds.

If the prints have above-average black areas (e.g. with low-key photographs), the chemicals in the baths are stronger than usual. In this case we recommend abundant replenisher and extending the development and bleach fixing time by 1 minute each.

The replenishment rates for this kit for use with a Nova are as follows:
Each sheet of 10 x 8 inch colour paper needs 27ml for the developer and 27ml for the bleach-fix. So if processing in a Nova with 2.5L of fresh solution in place, you will exhaust the tank after 90-95 prints.

By adding 13.5ml of developer and blix per sheet to the fresh tank you should be able to process 190 10 x 8 prints provided you use it within the prescribed timescale.

Capacity is approximately 20 square metres for 5 litres of working solution.
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