Tetenal Colortec E6 Kit, 2.5 litres

Tetenal Colortec E6 Kit, 2.5 litres
Tetenal Colortec E6 Kit, 2.5 litresTetenal Colortec E6 Kit, 2.5 litres

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3 baths, liquid, develops 30 films

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All slide film chemicals come in kit form, but Tetenal’s three-bath kit makes it easier as it only consists of a first developer, colour developer and bleach-fix baths with intermediate washing cycles if preferred.

We recommend their 3-bath, 2.5-litre Colortec E6 kit as it is not only easy to use but great if you want to scan your images after processing. Although we say there are only three steps to develop and fix the film, there is a fourth step which will stabilise the film (which is optional).

The capacity of this kit is excellent; it will process around thirty 35mm/120 films or 120 4x5 sheet film. You can mix the kit in smaller quantities by measuring out the concentrates. The kit includes full instructions.

Processing at 38 degrees C, it copes with any E6 film: Agfa, Fuji Provia and Velvia. In the kit is an additive that deals with the unstable bleach-fix found in some slide films. Typical bleach-fix time in these kits is only 6 minutes, and with its increased concentrations, each part dilutes at 1+4.

This Tetenal Colortec, 2.5-litre size kit, is also our slide processing kit of choice for use with our Jobo processors.

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