Nissin Di700 Digital Air Flashgun & Commander, Canon Fit

Nissin Di700 Digital Air Flashgun & Commander, Canon Fit
Nissin Di700 Digital Air Flashgun & Commander, Canon FitNissin Di700 Digital Air Flashgun & Commander, Canon Fit

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GN 54 at ISO 100 at 200mm, Wireless Mode

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The new Nissin Di700 supports 180? horizontal rotation to the right and left, tilts up to 90? and an expanded 7? of downward tilt, making it suited for close-up photography.

The Nissin Di700 has a stylish look which features a colour LED display panel and selector dial, allowing all settings to be easily operated by a finger-tip.

This second-generation advanced flash gun has an increased auto zoom coverage of 24-200mm compared to its predecessor and can achieve a maximum output of GN54 at 200mm zoom head position (at ISO 100). Compared with same-level flashes from other brands, the Nissin Di700 can create a variety of light changes, giving the photographer a wider range of options whilst shooting.

ncludes a Wireless Receiver Unit and Commander
Recycling time: 0.1 - 4 seconds
Flash duration: 200 - 1500 flashes
Colour temperature: 5,600K
Exposure control: E-TTL II / E-TTL (for Canon), i-TTL (Nikon)
Wireless Mode: Wireless TTL, non TTL Slave (SD mode SF mode)
AF-assist beam effective range: 0.7 - 6m
Dimensions: 40 (H) x 75 (W) X 115 (D) mm
Weight: 350g without batteries
Manufacturer’s Description
Stylish Design: The Nissin Di700 has a new modern stylish design with a coloured display panel (LED) and selector dial. All settings can be easily operated by one fingertip.

Focal Length range coverage 24-200mm: The Auto Zoom facility has been enhanced to 24-200mm with an output of GN54 at 200mm.

Professional Head Design: The bounce shooting possibilities have now been upgraded with new rotating head lock release buttons. The flash head rotates horizontally 180 degrees to the right and left, upwards to 90 degrees and 7 degrees downwards as an aid to close up photography.


Supports high-speed synchronisation : Supports up to 1/8000 seconds shutter speed (see note 1)

Wireless TTL mode: Supports Canon E-TTL / E-TTL 11, Nikon i-TTL and Sony ADl / P-TTL. Various slave settings offer flexible wireless flash combinations.

External service ports to meet professional requirements: The Nissin Di700 is the only flash in its category equipped with an external power socket. Operating the Di700 with the Nissin power pack PS 8 can greatly shorten the recycling time and increase the number of flashes. Additional sockets for PC synch and 3.5mm synch are built in for connecting to studio lighting systems .

Quick loading design - Battery Magazine: The battery magazines can be pre-loaded with batteries and changed over quickly. Users can carry spare magazines for big shoots! (See note 2)

Order Codes:

NFG011C Canon Fit

NFG011N Nikon Fit

NFG011S Sony Fit (Available Oct/Nov 2013)

Technical features;

Available in Canon, Nikon and Sony Fittings (Sony available September 2013)

Guide Number at ISO100 in M: GN54 (at 200M zoom head position), GN48 (at 105mm zoom head position)

Focal Length Coverage: 24-200mm (16mm when using the built in wide angle panel)

Power Source: Four AA Batteries

Battery Loading: Quick loading Battery Magazine

Re-Cycling Time: 0.1 - 4 seconds

Number of Flashes (Approx): 200 -1500

Flash Duration: 1/800th - 1/30,000th second

Colour Temperature: 5600K

Exposure Control: E-TTL 11/E-TTL (For Canon), i-TTL (Nikon) and Sony ADI/P-TTL

Wireless TTL slave (see note 3), non -TTL Slave SD mode - SF mode (see note 4)

EV Compensation on Flash: -2 to +2 in increments of ? EV

Bounce Position: Up 90 deg, Down 7 deg, Left 180 deg, Right 180 deg (with flash head tilting / rotating lock release button)

Flash Exposure Control: 1st - Curtain Synchronisation, 2nd Curtain Synchronisation, High Speed Synchronisation, Red - Eye Reduction, Slow Speed Synchronisation (Nikon model only), FE/FV Lock (Set on Camera)

AF - assist Beam effective range: 0.7- 6M / 2.3-19.7 feet

Operation Panel: LCD Colour Panel, selector dial.

External Service Ports: External power source socket, PC terminal, 3.5mm synch. socket

Accessories included: Soft case, Flash Stand (With screw)

Dimensions: 40 (H) x 75(W) x 115(D)mm

Weight 350g (Without batteries)
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  • Camera fit: Canon fit
  • Flash Type: Wireless
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