LPL 7700MX Colour Enlarger

LPL 7700MX Colour Enlarger

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Colour, up to 6 x 7cm, uses filter wheel, prints up to 16 x 20in.

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The C7700MX is a combined Professional enlarger, Slide duplicator, and Copy stand In its first configuration, the C7700MX is a capable enlarger fitted with non-fading dichroic filters calibrated in Kodak units.

It will accept all standard negative sizes from 16mm to 6x7cm. It also features illuminated colour coded filtration readouts for easy adjustment in the darkroom, with maximum filter densities of 200 yellow, 170 magenta and 200 cyan.

The column height is 110 cm, allowing you to make an impressive 20 x 24inch print on the baseboard with a 6x7 negative and 80mm lens (using an oversized easel). Should this not be large enough, there are various other options open to you: you can either loosen the lock nut or tilt the head to project onto a wall - or you can loosen the column lock nut and swivel it around 180? to allow you to project onto the floor.

If you find you need to correct the converging verticals, you can simply tilt the head and lens stage to create the desired effect. The C7700MX is primarily a colour enlarger/duplicator; however there are two other interchangeable heads available should you wish to have more control over your black and white work:

* VCCE head (variable contrast constant exposure) which allows you to dial in multigrade settings up to grade 5 (in either Kodak or Ilford units) on a single dial, with a built-in neutral density filtration system to give a constant exposure throughout the range.
* Triple condenser head for a more subtle finish, complete with filter drawer to add any required multigrade filtration.

The optional MX-1 accessory kit converts the C7700MX into a copy stand. Simply slide off the projector assembly and mount the copy camera adaptor and counter balance weights and you have a fully featured copy stand. Mount a film stage on the lamphouse and your C7700MX is transformed into a professional duplicator, enabling you to copy negatives, positives and mounted slides with ease.

The C7700MC also features a Memory LockTM white light leaver on the colour head which removes the filters from the light path and re sets them without altering their original value, helping you to achieve pin sharp focussing without any fuss.

Format Size 35mm up to 6x7cm Baseboard dimensions 45 x 60 cm (18x23 inches)
Column height 110 cm (43inches)
Height 125 cm (49 inches) with lamphouse fully raised
Light source 100W (12V) Quartz halogen lamp
Power source Transformer (12V output)
Electrical input 220V
Illumination Diffusion via mixing chamber
Filtration Dichroic with illuminated readouts (Y,M,C)
Focusing White light system
Baseboard magnification 17.6x (35mm negative 50mm lens) 8.6x (6x6cm negative & 75mm lens)
Lens mount From 39mm to 53mm
Elevation control
Counterbalanced chassis
Distortion control
Lens stage shifts and tilts, lamphouse tilts
Focus control
Double rail friction drive
Weight Approximately 16 kb (35 lbs)
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