Firstcall Selenia Selenium Toner, 500ml Softpack

Firstcall Selenia Selenium Toner, 500ml Softpack

Item: 41170

For RC and Fibre papers

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A darkroom worker has two major enemies - dust and oxygen. Although many would say it is dust that constitutes the biggest problem, with budgets under attack, we would consider oxygen and the waste created by out-of-date chemicals as the greater of the two evils.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce a brand-new concept in darkroom chemicals. Called 'softpack' this complete range of chemicals remains always fresh due to the flexible type of packing used. Drawing on inspiration from the food industry (and looking like a Capri-Sun drink pack) the carton's technology works by literally squeezing air out as the chemical is used, thereby offering the prospect of a never-ending active life from the liquid if the softpack is used correctly.

Just think of the benefits:
1) At last there's an end to dark brown developer that you left as a beautiful straw colour only two days previously.
2) No more having to cancel processing sessions because your darkroom chemicals are out of date.
3) Never throw away part used chemical bottles ever again.

This new technology has captured our imagination. We are 100% convinced that this is the biggest break-through in darkroom chemical production in the last 25 years so much that we will be selling a complete range of 'softpack' chemicals that will include film and print developers, stop-bath, fixers and toners.

Selenium Toner is a fantastic toner. Immerse your print in it for 2 minutes and you'll increase the maximum blackness, for 5 minutes you'll improve the archive stability and for 30 minutes you'll influence the complete image tone. Normal dilution is 1 + 20 or 1 + 40 to increase shadow contrast and maximum density with minimal change in image tone. Final wash after toning should be 10 minutes for RC papers and 30-40 minutes for fibre versions.
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