Firstcall Discovering Light

Firstcall Discovering Light
Firstcall Discovering LightFirstcall Discovering LightFirstcall Discovering LightFirstcall Discovering LightFirstcall Discovering Light

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Activities and projects for teaching about light!

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Written by renowned pinhole photographer Justin Quinnell, this ""photon fun"" book contains a wealth of fun and engaging activities and projects for teaching and learning about light.
It makes understanding light, and its many uses simple to understand and explore and is a brilliant teaching aid for both science and photography tutors and after-school clubs.

Spread over six chapters, it includes 24 hands-on activities and projects. The topics covered include:

Light - observing light, close encounters with Captain Photon, shadows, eclipses and invisible light.
The eye and vision - experiments with what we can see and how our brains work alongside our eyes to perceive colour, stereo, perspective and time.

The Hole - using a small hole to discover the past enabling the measurement of seasons, the microscopic world, eclipses and more.

The Lens - how to create several practical Camera Obscuras from handheld devices to room-sized projections using both pinholes and lenses.

Non-chemical photography - How to combine photographic materials with digital image capture using cameras and camera phones and scanners to avoid the use of photographic chemistry.

Pinhole cameras - how to make and use simple but effective wide-angle pinhole cameras out of discarded materials including a 6 month exposure camera for the price of a cup of tea!

It also comes with a CDROM that contains resources for printing out and using on a whiteboard.

***** Thoroughly recommended

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