New, cheaper slot-in filter range

Firstcall is pleased to announce that we now offer Kood slot-in filters, which is a cheaper range than Cokin filters, but fully compatible.

The range consists of P-size (85mm) and Z-size (100mm) filter holders, adapter rings, B&W filters (Yellow, Orange, Red, Green), Polarisers, Infrared filterGraduated filters, Neutral Density filters, Cool down filters (80A/B/C, 82A/B/C), Warm up filters (81A/B/C, 85A/B/C), Close up filters and Fluourescent filters.

To make searching and comparing filters easier, we have now created a range of filter options in the category (see right margin), to save you looking through 11 pages of online filters ...

14th March 2014

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