Save £25 on a Polaris Flash Meter

Polaris Flash MeterWe all like a bargain and right now you can save £25 off the normal price of the fantastic Polaris Flash Meter, which we have reduced from £143.99 to £118.99.
Measure for measure, there is nothing that comes close to the Polaris and although a professional exposure meter, with world-class features and performance, it is now at a price that most students of photography will equally feel at home with.

Polaris is a dual-meter too. You can use it outside for ambient light or inside the studio for flash light exposure.

We particularly like the new features built into the Polaris including:

1) Eight additional shutter speeds available to match the sync speed of virtually any camera.
2) No guessing or searching for a shutter speed close to the sync speed of your camera.
3) The Multi-flash feature which makes it simple to calculate how many times the flash must be fired to achieve a desired f/stop.
4) Its oversized LCD display that shows all the data and functions clearly and easily, even at full arm's length.
5) Large "analogue" scale for easy fractional measurements.
6) Custom Program Level Function that let you personalize your meter to match your style of shooting.
7) Adjust the meter level or return to standard levels with the touch of a button.

Compare the Polaris to the Sekonic L308S to see what great value it is:


Polaris Flash Meter
Sekonic L-308S

Polaris Meter Sekonic L-308S
Firstcall Price £118.99 £149.99
LCD Screen Size Large Small
Region of Manufacture Japan Malaysia
Corded Flash Measurement Yes Yes
Non Corded Flash Measurement Yes Yes
Ambient Measurement Yes Yes

Optional 10 Deg Spot
Spot measurement attachment x
Flat diffuser Clip On (Optional) Clip On
Built in Dome Diffuser Yes Yes

Optional with Spot
Optical spot metering viewfinder Attachment x
Shutter Priority Mode Yes Yes
EV Value Mode Yes Yes
Multi Flash Calculation Yes x
Light Sensor Silicone Photo Diode Silicon Photo Diode
ISO Speeds 3 to 8000 3 to 8000
ISO increments 1/3 Stop 1/3 stop
f stop range f0.5 to f90.9 f1.4 to f90.9
f Stop Increments 1/10 stop 1/10 stop
Shutter speed range 60s to 1/8000s 60sec to 1/8000s
Flash Sync Speeds 1 to 1/500s 1s to 1/500s
Custom Calibration +0.9 to -0.9 in 0.1 steps
Weight 94g 95g
Dimensions 119x63x22mm 63x110x22mm

27th February 2012

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