Win £100 with our £Design a Darkroom£ Competition

In May we asked our customers if any of you had existing plans that would allow us to make a portable/foldable darkroom to keep the craft of photo printing alive in Britain today. We had a good response but decided to go one further by offering a financial inducement for the best design submitted to us. To qualify for entry to the competition your design needs to:
1)    Occupy no more than 5 square feet
2)    Be capable of being constructed from MDF
3)    Have built-in table for supporting a 16 x 20 inch baseboard
4)    Have space for three developing dishes on separate shelf
5)    Be 100% light-tight
NB You also need to agree to Firstcall having rights to manufacture the design at a future date with no additional fees being paid.
Your designs should be sent to the office address on page 161 no later than December 30th 2013 with a winner announced on our Facebook page in January 2014 (along with their pictures)

13th August 2013

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