How Has Digital Photography Changed the World?


While digital photography may not seem life-changing, it has had a heavy role in adjusting the world in which we all live. Digital photography has added new elements to the technological, artistic, and emotional experiences of taking and viewing pictures. Here are some ways that digital photography has changed the world.


We Can Truly Experience the Moment Even if We Weren’t There

There was a time when the only way to experience a moment was to hear about it from someone or read about it long after it happened. These days, thanks to digital photography, I have the luxury of living in the moment. Someone across the world can upload an image to the Internet, and I can indulge in their experience seconds later. This also leaves room for my own interpretation of what has been captured in the picture, as well as my own emotional involvement. Another neat thing about technology in photography is that  I can see pictures in digital picture frames, for example, and be told an entire story through real life images alone.  For me, digital photography is magical.      


Photography is Cheaper Than It Used to Be

Film used to be a mandatory part of photography. Now, because of digital photography, photographers have the choice to opt out of it.  As a result, I don’t have to spend my money on film anymore unless I want to, and instead, I can directly upload my photos to my computer.  Not only is this a cheaper method of photography, but it is also more efficient. Uploading pictures to the computer is far quicker and easier than developing them.  Digital photography has provided the gifts of affordability and efficiency. 


Now Anyone Can Be a Photographer

Photographers used to be trained professionals, but now, as a result of digital photography, anyone can take pictures anywhere and at any time. In other words, anyone can call themselves a photographer. This means that our world has more photos floating around it than ever before, and so more special moments in nature and in life are being shared amongst ourselves. Additionally, more perspectives and experiences are being added to the modern photography canon. Living in a world where anyone can become a photographer is truly spectacular.


Preserving History Just Became Easier

I always see these painted portraits of ancient monarchs and think about how far we’ve come since those old days.  That was how they preserved history, and digital photography is how we save our memories for the people of the future. Every picture of every person, animal, plant, meal, etc. that we take goes down in history and paints the bigger picture of what people in our time period were like. Generations from now, these photos that we take are how they are going to remember people like you and me.  People of the future are going to find our cameras, our pictures, our digital photo albums, and our digital photo frames absolutely fascinating.


The Detail Each Picture Has is Awe-Inspiring


Whenever I find photos from decades ago I am always amazed by the difference in photo quality from then up until now. These days, I find that I am lucky to be able to see something stunning and capture it just as it is on my camera. We take this for granted, but this was not necessarily an advantage we had before digital photography came along; I truly find it amazing what digital photography is capable of doing. From a person’s glowing skin to a cold raindrop, digital photography captures it all and allows us to experience the extravagant detail long after the moment has passed.


There is more to photography than just taking pictures and looking at them afterwards: photography is an art and an experience.  Photography allows us to live vibrant, colorful lives from our living room couch, and to experience the stories of other people and living creatures, diverse places, and Mother Nature herself.


Without digital photography, we would not have the opportunity to find the high level of accuracy in our photos that we currently have, and therefore, we would lose valuable parts of important memories. We would lose parts of ourselves, and parts of our lives. Therefore, I must thank digital photography for all that it does for me. When I take a step back and look at life, I realize that digital photography really and truly has changed the world, one picture at a time.


Author Bio:

Ami Sanghvi is a creative writer and currently writes content on behalf of the digital picture frame experts at Nixplay. In her spare time, she can be found writing poetry, reading, or sketching. Tweet her @AmiJSanghvi or connect with her on LinkedIn.

10th June 2016

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