Jobo announce first Film and Print Processor in over 20 years!

Jobo stopped production of its rotary processors in 2010. In doing so it became the last manufacturer to market a range of film processing machines to photographers. With the resurgence in demand for film usage, reduced mini-lab sites and film processing in multiple retailers, they have decided to re-tool to make a new film processor that will be available in the last quarter of 2012. Based on the original design for the Jobo CPP2, the new model has the initial product code of CPP3 and will have the capability to process all types of film and paper. It will have accurate temperature control, timer and take all Jobo tanks up to the 3000 Expert (sheet film tank system).  The original CPP2 concept will also be maintained in that it will have both cog and magnet lid connection for use with a lift and normal rotary agitation. To get a technical Specification and and a free £290 lift with purchase of the processor send your name and contact info to    

3rd April 2012

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