Jobo Expert sheet film tanks made in record numbers

After our announcement last week about the new proposed Jobo CPP3 processor for later in 2012 we have been inundated with requests for further information and in particular whether the unit will be capable of taking the Expert range of tanks – needed for sheet film development. Large format photography using both 5 x 4 inch and (to a lesser degree) 8 x 10 inch sheet film is currently booming and Jobo is a leading manufacturer in film developing tanks for the large format photographer. The news that Jobo continues to produce these high quality sheet film tanks is reassuring to many photographers living in North America and Japan In a visit to the factory in Gummersbach, Germany this month we were privileged to witness the manufacture of these tanks. One key employee, Rita, has been making the tanks by hand for many years and we watched with awe as she “expertly” hand-glued every tank as it came down the production line. In a digital age it is the skills of women like Rita that keeps our analogue craft alive and we’re all indebted to her. More information on our best-selling Jobo Expert 3010 model can be found here.

13th April 2012

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