August 2023 Newsletter

August 2023 Newsletter

What's new and interesting from Firstcall this August

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Bank Holiday Special Offers

New products and special prices until 31st August



Finally, Kodak colour film is available again

Flic might be a new to you, but this Canadian brand might just be the answer we've all been looking for, namely a reliable and constant source of colour film.
Available in C41 or E6 film versions they offer outstanding combination of colour saturation, extremely fine grain, and high exposure latitude. Both types use Kodak film that has been re-spooled yet offering normal high quality results.

Postage costs on ordering these films are only £4.99 per next day delivery for most of the UK.



Lab-Box with 10% off

The unique Ars-Imago Lab-Box allows you to process your 35mm or 120  films anywhere.
So, if you are out on a trip and can't wait for the results, take this daylight-safe developing tank with you and see your results before you get home.
For the duration of the holiday period (until 31st August), we're also offering 10% off our regular price, making it the guaranteed cheapest in the UK.



Ultimate Meter from Reveni Labs

The new Reveni Labs Incident Meter makes advanced metering more affordable. It features an ergonomic hand strap that eliminates the need for a neck strap, allowing for zero hand-holding and one-hand operation.

The all-in-one meter includes Incident, Ambient, Colour and Flash measurements via a top-mounted diffuser dome. The full-colour LCD provides clear and easy-to-understand information.

 Other useful tools included are the choice of shutter or aperture priority modes, a 4-way switch for a single point of control and a front-facing reflective ambient sensor. It is powered by  2x AAA Batteries (included).



£20 Sunshine Treat

Make the last of the summer sunshine with a Cyanotype project.
The kit from Jacquard includes both chemicals needed to make perfect blueprints with nothing more needed other than cartridge paper/fabric, water and sunshine. What's more, you can have fun in the sun for such a small outlay with the delivered cost of this kit for less than £20 (to most of the UK).



Perfect for beach or weddings

Our new Novocolor Disposable Camera is perfect for this time of year, whether you want to avoid risking your regular camera on the beach or when you want something small that'll slip into your pocket at a wedding.
It is suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions as it includes a built-in flash (with battery), and inside the camera, you get a top-quality, fast Kodak film that lets you shoot 27 pictures.

At only £20 delivered (to most of the UK), the Novocolor is an unbeatable camera option.



New for next month

Jobo is launching a new low-cost processor for developing black-and-white films.

Jobo's SilverBase does not have a water jacket, which keeps the price down and makes it very compact and economical. Since black-and-white development usually occurs at room temperature, the Jobo SilverBase is ideally suited. Film development in rotary processing uses only half the chemicals as inversion development, producing reproducible results due to constant agitation and just 120 ml of a developer is required per film.
Jobo's 1500, 2520 and 2500 series can all be used with it meaning that 35mm and roll films can be developed using it and 4x5 inch sheet film when adding a 2509N reel to a 2520 tank.

Initially, the SilverBase processor will be £349 inc VAT or as a kit with a 1520 Tank included, for £369 inc VAT. If you would like more information and be informed when our first stock arrives please reply using this email link.





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Posted by Rodney Bates
24th August 2023

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