A new concept in Teaching Photography to Key Stage 2

Classroom Pinhole Kit – A complete package to teach the whole class pinhole photography.

Our new Classroom Pinhole Kit is a brand new way to teach a class of up to thirty Key Stage 2 children the exciting world of pinhole photography.

This exclusive Firstcall promotion has been devised with help and support from Ilford, the leading British supplier of photographic film and paper and principally rediscovers the artisan element of photography by teaching this classic process.

The kit contains everything you need in one box for the whole class including six cameras (need constructing), 100 sheets of photographic paper and chemicals to develop them, all equipment needed for processing, safety equipment and full instructions.


The investment has a long pay-back too. After the initial purchase we also supply refill kits of key items e.g. cameras, gloves, chemicals and paper. A downloadable resource video for teachers is available to compliment the project. It shows how to use the kit, choosing a suitable room to make a blacked-out darkroom. This information and the safety and technical data can be found here:https://www.ilfordphoto.com/pek      

8th October 2012

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