Our Two Best Christmas Present Offers for Film Photographers

Everything the Film Photographer needs to Process Film

We've got the perfect Deluxe Film Processing Starter Kit for anyone wanting to develop black & white film home.  You get everything required to process two rolls of film. It contains an Ilford Simplicity Film Chemical Starter Pack and all the essential Paterson film processing equipment for processing 35mm or medium format film.

Everything the Digital Photographer needs to Scan 35mm Film

Our Basic 35mm Film Scanning Kit is the perfect collection for scanning strips or full rolls of 35mm film quickly, easily, and affordably whether you're at home, on the go, or in the studio! It'll get you off to a "scanning flying start" as it includes a copystand to hold your camera, a scanning unit for your film and a light source for perfect illumination. NB. Doesn't include camera.

It also makes an excellent gift for any photographer who works with film photography and wants to digitize their image collections. We've even included a FREE 35-page Quickstart Guide to Scanning from Negative Supply.

Basic 35mm Film Scanning Kit features two products from the Negative Supply family - their Basic Film Carrier 35mm Scanning Unit and Scanning Light Source Basic 4"x 5" 95 CRI.

Unlike other retailers, we stock the full range of Negative Supply hand-built equipment in our UK warehouse. If you've got additional scanning needs, including 120 or Large Format options or more powerful lighting sources, then please check out our full Negative Supply range here.

Order either kit and you'll get FREE postage The Film Processing Kit is £90 and the Scanning Kit is £249 including VAT

Posted by Rodney Bates
26th November 2021

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