Help Save Teaching of the Arts in Schools

Firstcall is a photographic business and tries to sidestep any controversy that may arise through political comment we may make but Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, has announced his plans for teaching photography and (if you live in England) his plans will have a devastating effect for anyone with a love of photography. His proposed change, for an English Baccalaureate (EBAC), from September 2015, means there will no longer be ANY arts subjects – Art (Photography), Music, Drama or Dance – taught to GCSE level within our state schools. This is because only “core” subjects will be allowed. There is a massive reaction against this move within the photographic trade and the Arts world at large. A petition has sprung up with over 100 Creative Arts organisations voicing their opposition.

To see what the planned changes are and sign the petition please visit the BACFORTHEFUTURE campaign at Another campaign at Creative Review also endorses a fight back. We have until June to reverse his decision!

1st February 2013

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