Imago Relaunches Range of Unique RC Positive Papers

IMAGO POSITIVE PAPER RC paper is primarily suited for use in pinhole cameras where exposure and processing in conventional black and white photo chemistry achieves a unique positive print - without the need for a film negative or inter-negative.

IMAGO POSITIVE PAPER RC paper can also be successfully used in other applications such as direct exposure in large format cameras (sheet sizes 4x5in up to 8x10in) or by cutting small sheets for exposure in LOMO type cameras. Creative and unusual effects can be achieved with direct positive paper when used to make photograms or perhaps substituted for standard photo paper when printing from negatives in an enlarger. Whatever the application, this paper can achieve unique photo images as well as fun effects.


* Genuine silver gelatine photo paper, coated on resin-coated base.
* Positive paper enables prints to be generated without the need for a negative.
* Fully compatible with conventional black and white paper processing chemistry.
* Available in a Glossy surface.
* Slow ISO speed (around ISO 3-6) enabling a good latitude of control.
* Compatible with Ortho (deep red) safelights.

Unexposed paper must only be used with Ortho (deep red) safelight such as ILFORD 906 containing a 15W bulb or equivalent.

* ISO 4 Silver Gelatin High Glossy Paper
* On a Melinex Cibrachrome base
* Non Fade, Untearable, High Contrast 4-5 stops
* Accurate Exposure is the assumption for a perfect image
* Lots of Light = White Results Less Light = Dark Results
* Made by Ilford Switzerland Created by Imago, Berlin
* Packets of 25 Sheets

26th April 2018

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