Our Film of The Year 2016

This film is our nomination for Film of The Year 2016. Manufactured in France, by an artisan filmmaker, Washi S is in all respects very different to your average "Corporation" film.

"S" stands for sound, as it starts its life principally used by motion picture professionals for sound recording. But then Washi adapt this slightly orthochromatic film (up to 620 nm) and the result is a very fine grain, ultra high definition black and white film whose results are simply stunning.

It is also very sharp too, guaranteed by a special anti-halation layer located between the film's base and the emulsion layer while it's usually in the back layer for ordinary films.

Social media is in raptures about the " obscene amounts of contrast you get when you shoot "S" film". Some film photographers have never seen such silky black results in a monochrome film and are bowled over by it.

Our suggestion for exposure is rated at 50 ISO (you can go as high as 80) use with a yellow or orange filter if desired and process then scan or print to impress. For developing, we used Ilford Ilfotec LC29 at 1+19 for 12 minutes.

While looking at reviews there is a great sample album on Flikr from FranekN. We're indebted to him for these sample pictures.  https://bit.ly/2flEyBD

Available now in 35mm singles from £3.60 or £42 for the 30-metre length.

3rd November 2016

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