What equipment do I need for processing colour film at home?


One of the most frequently asked questions that we get in our office is:
"What equipment do I need for processing colour film at home?"

With most users, then going straight to scan after development, this is the creative way in producing your own colour film images.

There are two main requirements to consider when processing your colour film:
1) You need to maintain temperature during processing at 38 degrees C.
2) The loading of the film (but not the actual processing) should be done in complete darkness.

So here is our advisory list of the items you will need with current prices as at the end of October 2016.

Shopping List:
21014    FP Film Processor     £259.95      
25044    Paterson Force Film Washer     £12.39      
26031    Firstcall Spirit Thermometer     £5.99      
70004    Firstcall 2520 Triple Clock Timer     £13.27      
26112    AP Chemical Mixer, Set of 2    £9.98      
26045    AP Film Clips (2)     £6.59      
26096    AP Film & Print Squeegee     £8.99      
25031    Paterson Measuring Cylinder Funnel, 11cm     £6.29
26022    Paterson Measuring Cylinder 45ml     £6.29      
26024    Paterson Measuring Cylinder 300ml      £7.69  
26026    Paterson Measuring Cylinder 600ml     £9.89
26028    Paterson Mixing Jug 1000ml    £8.99
83008    RH Designs Safelight, SafeTorch Colour    £23.90      
69005    Black-out Material (White) per metre (1.37m wide)    £6.62      
69001    Black-out Door Foam 12 metre roll    £8.49      
19002    Tetenal Colortec C-41 Rapid Negative Kit, 1 litre for 8 films    £29.70                     

Total outlay £425.02  including VAT  

The Nova FP Film Processor. Mains temperature and is complete with 3 bottles and Paterson Universal film tank and temperature controller. One universal film reel/spool included  to process 2x 35mm film or 1x 120.

So there you have it. For under £430 you too can process your own colour films at home and have great fun doing so.

Everything is customizable so give us a call or email to discuss your personal requirements on 01823 413007.

27th October 2016

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