Cyanotype Fabrics Capture Creative Child Award!

Jacquard Products is proud to announce that their Cyanotype Fabrics were awarded the 2016 Creative Child Product of the Year Award!

Cyanotype is a photographic printmaking process that is so simple, even children can enjoy professional-quality results. We believe it is a fantastic way to introduce children to the magic of science, photography, nature and art, and the panel of educators, mothers and professionals at Creative Child Magazine wholeheartedly agree!

Lessons from a 6 yr old: Cyanotype Mural Fabric

Cyanotype Fabric is a wonderful and engaging project for any group--think birthday parties, day camps, classrooms, sports teams, etc.--and it is portable enough to take on hikes or to the beach. Offered in 8.5" x 11" sheets or a 5' x 7' mural size, Cyanotype Fabric is great for kids who want to make their own one-of-a-kind prints, or for groups of children working collaboratively together. We even offer a Class Pack for groups of 30 or more. Children can make prints of their favourite toys, capture full-body forms or explore beautiful shapes found in nature: leaves, shells, stones, branches, flowers, etc. Every subtlety and shadow will be captured in the print!

Andrea Bergart led cyanotype workshops with children in Senegal.

Check out the gallery here!

The Cyanotype printmaking process is not only super fun, it is also an excellent educational opportunity: it teaches creativity, resourcefulness, teamwork and patience, and it ties in extremely well with lessons on science, history, art, technology, and the power of the sun.

Cyanotype Pretreated Fabric Sheets
8.5" x 11"/216 mm x 279 mm sheets of cotton sateen fabric
- 10 Sheet Pack (Item JCY1110), £17.59
- 30 Sheet Pack (Item JCY1130), £35.19
For ages 8+

Cyanotype Pretreated Mural Fabric
1 panel of 5' x 7'/1.52m x 2.13m cotton sateen fabric (Item JCY1105)
For ages 8+

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26th October 2016

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