Silvershotz Magazine

We are proud to announce that this contemporary photography magazine is now available for subscription through Firstcall.

It has quickly become the world's market leader in making the transition from a printed magazine to an online, interactive, dynamic magazine experience for those passionate about photography.

Silvershotz beautifully showcases the best photographic images from around the world with the curatorial selections being made by experienced editors to ensure international standards are achieved.

While reading it, you can immerse yourself in beautiful images and be inspired by themed and conceptual portfolios, plus in-depth interviews, book reviews, and videos.

The interactive content allows you to share images on Facebook and vote for your favourite photographer in each edition. The Top 15 photographers each year, as voted by you, are included in our Annual print edition.

We consider the magazine to be the missing link between the printed page and internet searches, making for a subscription service where you can access more than 7000 pages of content, 700 portfolios, 150 book reviews and hundreds of technical articles from film and darkroom through to digital and inkjet.

Learn more and see the images in this short Vimeo introductory video:

There are two types of subscription:

1)    Educational Establishment Licence. Designed for Visual Arts Educators, this multi-use licence service allows a number of students access to the full service of monthly magazines, content pages, portfolios, reviews and articles for a 12 month calendar year. Any computer on campus can then obtain access via the institution's IP address that is provided during the registration.
This subscription costs:
   £125 inc VAT per year for up to 50 students
   £175 inc VAT per year for 51 to 99 students
   £295 inc VAT per year for 100+ students

2)    Single User License. A platinum service for single person use. This could be a teacher, student or hobbyist. Once logged in, the same access to content resources applies as per multi-user.
This subscription costs £25 inc VAT per year.

How to proceed:
There is a 30-day free trial for you to view back editions of 700 + portfolios, 150 book reviews and hundreds of technical articles,plus this month's magazine. To do this, there is an App which contains the content. However, you must create a FREE account first before you view the content. Click!signup to create your account.

Alternatively, you can proceed with your full order, buying either membership on this online page, providing us with your IP address in the delivery address box part of the order form. We will then activate your membership via the subscription department for you.

If you proceed with an Educational Establishment Licence, unlimited access to the magazine could be as little as £2.95 per student, per year.


12th October 2016

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