The Easy Way for Fisherman to Photograph their Catch with Camera or Phone

Taking a photograph of anything single-handed is difficult at the best of times but if you’re a fisherman, struggling to cope with your record 20 kg. Carp, you need help. However, fishing is often a solitary pastime and chances are there’s never another human to lend a hand when required. This is where Firstcall Photographic has developed low-cost solutions to make sure you’ll never miss that all-important documentary evidence of your personal best. We offer the ability to take one-handed, self-timed photos on your digital compact/SLR camera or your iPhone in two separate packages which both retail for under £50 including VAT. The traditional camera option involves purchasing a special camera bracket that allows the use of a cable release with any camera – even if your camera doesn't have a cable release socket. Once attached you simply use a bulbous air release screwed into the release socket.

The bulb of the release is rested under your foot and you then operate the camera this way up to 20 feet away leaving you both hands to hold the fish.

It is available in two formats - for compact cameras or SLR/compact system camera where the release is not flat on top of the camera. For extra flexibility, the base screw features another tripod socket to mount the assembly on a tripod or other bracket when extra support is needed to hold the camera still. The Firstcall Cable Release Adaptor is available from £20.49 and £10.49 extra for the 20Feet Air Release. Travel tripods cost from £9.99. For Smartphone users there is a slightly different approach. The new Muku Shuttr is a Bluetooth release for smartphones, that wirelessly lets you take pictures without the help of others.

Made from durable black or white polycarbonate with an added metal key ring hole, this clean, minimalistic device does really have an Apple look and feel to it. The Shuttr features an On/Off switch, a large, thumb moulding Shutter button and an iOS to Android switch, allowing you to switch between the different mobile operating systems. Muku have also included a key stand. This fits nicely into your headphone port making it easy for you to position your phone in landscape. No app is needed to use the release, the product works on any native smartphone camera. Simply pair your device via Bluetooth and enjoy freedom of taking pictures from up to 10 meters away. This one you can operate while still holding the fish. It’s great for the angler who’s a keen smartphone photographer, who needs absolute stillness to take the perfect shot, eliminating the need of a additional pair of hands.

To complement the purchase of a Shuttr we recommend a purpose-made Joby Grip Tight Mount for Smartphones. GripTight holds your phone securely and then allows attaching to a tripod via its built-in base socket. It works with any tripod and any phone, plus you can keep your phone in its case while in use. The GripTight also comes in two other packaged tripod options. The Micro Stand option includes foldaway pocket tripod and tilts 36° in any direction for adaptable camera positioning while the Gorilla Pod Stand includes three bendy, wrappable legs for adaptable camera and screen positioning in any environment i.e. tree branches or fence posts. Muku Shuttr is available in White and Black, online at It costs £25.00 inc. VAT. The Joby Grip Tight Mounts start at £12 inc.VAT Great gifts for a fisherman anytime of the year.

8th November 2013

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