Heiland LED Darkroom Light

Heiland LED Darkroom Light
Heiland LED Darkroom LightHeiland LED Darkroom LightHeiland LED Darkroom LightHeiland LED Darkroom LightHeiland LED Darkroom Light

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Twin red and white 1 metre darkoom light

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Unique twin LED darkroom light

This unique new safelight from German maker Heiland, combines both red LEDs for safe darkroom work and white ones for viewing the final print. The single housing is held in a slim mounting holder.

Its clever design, in the shape of a light tube, is one metre in length with a simple switch to change the colours that also includes an integrated intensity adjustment to set the intensity to your working distance in the darkroom.

Perfectly safe for all black and white papers (not RA4 Colour though), it can be tilted too for wall or ceiling mounting.

Single light output giving bright red light at 630nm wavelength or white light with approximately 5000k.
Tube shaped design.
Can be tilted for wall or ceiling mounting.
LEDs guarantee instant on and off and long life and no lamp replacement necessary.
Adjustable intensity according to your working distance.
12V mains power supply

Manufacturer’s Description
Film development in comfort with uncompromising quality

As a photography enthusiast you probably prefer to develop films in your own darkroom. However, development by hand is a time consuming, even boring procedure especially if one has a stack of films to develop. Nevertheless, consistent results based on a tested combination of film types, exposure and development are of prime importance.

The Heiland automatic 35mm and 120mm roll film tank agitation system will satisfy the most discerning of darkroom devotees, in particular 'Zone System' specialists. Moreover, it will accept all existing development tanks.

Simple operation
* Input development instructions once
* Load tank with film(s) (standard procedure in total darkness!)
* Fill tank and tap on table to release bubbles
* Attach tank to holder and fasten clamp
* Press start button
* TAS starts with a continuous agitation, followed by intervals of pauses and agitation
* The end of the process is signalled by a continuous beep.
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