Firstcall Blackbird Fly 35mm TLR Camera - Red

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Firstcall Blackbird Fly 35mm TLR Camera - Red
Firstcall Blackbird Fly 35mm TLR Camera - Red
Firstcall Blackbird Fly 35mm TLR Camera - Red
Firstcall Blackbird Fly 35mm TLR Camera - Red
Firstcall Blackbird Fly 35mm TLR Camera - RedFirstcall Blackbird Fly 35mm TLR Camera - Red

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35mmFixed Lens
Firstcall has always been an art-based photographic supplier. Known for our niche film products and services we are delighted to have been appointed distributors of the new Blackbird Fly 35mm twin lens reflex plastic camera to the United Kingdom. This is the first time that a new plastic camera of this type has hit the U.K. market as we consider it appealing to both Logography and student photographers alike.

Designed in Japan, the Blackbird Fly reminds us of classic twin lens reflex designs like those from Rollei and Yashica. You use one lens to expose the film and the other lens as a viewfinder. The style of this camera stretches back over 80 years but it fits right into the current fashionable retro film trend and could equally be at home in a trendy Tokyo lifestyle store.

The Blackbird Fly will take pictures in standard 35mm film format (24mm x 36mm) but by using the camera's accessory mask you can also obtain square format pictures (24mm x 24mm). There's even the 'arty' possibility to fill the entire width of the film, including the side sprocket holes, by removing the entire original mask.

There are two ways to take a picture with the Blackbird Fly. For thoughtful composure you can hold the camera at waist level and look down into the finder lens. For shooting candidly or picture taking on the move we suggest using the sports finder (included) which means holding the camera horizontally and viewing your shot through a notch in the top of the camera.

For shooting during the day, users can alternate between apertures f/7 and f/11, with a shutter speed of 1/125. At night, the shutter can be switched to B-mode to let in as much light as needed, or a flash can be attached. The Blackbird Fly uses a wide-angle 33mm lens with variable focusing from 0.8 metres and allows for multiple exposures on the same frame.

Beautifully presented in a designer box, the results you get from the Blackbird Fly are unique - just what many students and photo enthusiasts want.

Unique retro-style camera

Price: £79.99

UK delivery available from £7.99

Delivery: 1-3 Days

Product: 28113