Jobo LensTRUE, Canon Full-Frame

Jobo LensTRUE, Canon Full-Frame
Jobo LensTRUE, Canon Full-FrameJobo LensTRUE, Canon Full-FrameJobo LensTRUE, Canon Full-Frame

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Converts any full-frame SLR lens into a tilt and shift lens

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The Professional Lens Accessory of the Year!

Jobo has also launched, in our view, one of the star accessory products of 2015.
Their accessory converts any photographer's full-frame SLR lens into a tilt and shift lens. It's a hardware and software solution that's Made in Germany. The hardware element is an inclinometer which sits underneath the user's camera.

Then, coupled to this reading, advanced software automatically deskews the captured RAW image to the correct perspective but uniquely it does it without compression to any part of the image.
Of course, image manipulation software like Photoshop can be used to correct perspective distortion in photographs. But, as Jobo in image research realized, the results can only ever be something similar to real proportions and approximating perspective by sight and experience is time-consuming and cumbersome at best.

* Discover a whole new level of image reproduction!
* World first!
* Perspective correction of up to 35?
* True proportions at the press of a button!
* Independent software with RAW converter
* Hardware + Software: Engineered and made in Germany
* (camera not included)

In a sense LensTRUE transforms all your lenses into shift lenses - even the zoom lenses! This means you can use any focal length and you can shoot without a tripod - and still attain proportionally correct images formerly only achieved by using special Tilt & Shift Lenses. (Furthermore LensTRUE final allows perspective corrections of up to 35? angles, whilst T/S lenses are comparatively narrowed to about 11? angles). LensTRUE can even be used for moving objects and street photography - and people photography?

LensTRUE opens up a new world of possibilities for photo production of architecture, industry, art objects, stills, fashion or beauty, all the way to portrait photography. With LensTRUE you can unleash your creativity in a new way without either limiting yourself to the central perspective or accepting perspective distortions.

There is currently a database of twenty five Canon Full-Frame lenses that have been calibrated for use with LensTRUE plus five Nikon lenses. New lenses are being added all the time with Zeiss, Pentax and Sony due to join the list in the next year.

We are currently talking to the Canon Professional team who are quite enthusiastic about LensTRUE with good reason. The brand-new Canon wide-angle zoom lens 11-24mm L f4.0 costs about ?2300. With LensTRUE you can simply and easily transform it into a SHIFT zoom lens which has never been possible before - and for only ?749.99. Plus the bonus is that ALL your additional lenses in the system are transformed into shift lenses at the same time! The LensTRUE is perfect for the new Canon 5 D-S and produces stunning 50 Megapixel shots.
Manufacturer's description

Hardware + Software Solution
- Correction of lens distortion
- correction of perspective distortion
(= transforms the captured image into an image equivalent to the result of a Shift lens with same focal length)
- Both corrections are being made in one computation to minimize any data loss
- no additional chromatic aberration or vignetting
- Lens TRUE Visualizer software enables automatic photo correction at the press of a button
- batch processing of automatic correction is possible
- individual adjustment of correction (X-Y-Z) is possible (similar to a view cam)
- LensTRUE is compatible with ZOOM lenses
- LensTRUE does not obstruct auto focus
- LensTRUE does not obstruct auto exposure
- LensTRUE meter can be used without tripod
The LensTRUE Visualizer Software is only compatible with Mac Operating Systems!
Canon lenses already calibrated and entered into data bank (Canon full frame sensor 24x36):
(such as EOS 1D / EOS 5 D Mark ii und iii / EOS 6D)
14mm f2,8 L II USM
20mm f2,8 USM
24mm f2,8 IS USM
24mm f1,4 L USM
28mm f2,8 IS USM
35mm f2,0 IS USM
35mm f1,4 L USM
50mm f1,4 USM
85mm f1,2 L USM
85mm f1,8 USM
100mm f2,0 USM
100mm f2,8 Macro USM
100mm f2,8 L IS Macro USM
135mm f2 L USM
180mm f3,5 L Macro
16-35mm f2,8 L II SUm
17-40mm f4 L USM
24-70mm f2,8 L II USM
24-70mm f4 L IS USM
70-200mm f2,8 L IS USM
70-200mm f4 L IS USM
TSE 17mm
TSE 90mm
ZEISS Objektive für Canon Vollformat 24x36
Distagon T 15mm/2.8
Distagon 35mm/2.0
Planar 50mm/1.4
Planar 100mm/2.0 Macro
Planar 135mm
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