Datacolor SpyderCube

Datacolor SpyderCube
Datacolor SpyderCubeDatacolor SpyderCube

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One stop exposure tool - capture highlights, shadows and colour temperature accurately

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Think of the SpyderCube as a new age, 3D grey-card that takes care of your highlights (with a white surface), your midtones and colour temperature (with the grey side) and the shadows (with a the black side).

The SpyderCube is the first all-in-one RAW calibration tool that facilitates the capture of a wide range of colour and exposure data in one shot. Simply use the SpyderCube in one of a series of images, adjust as necessary, save the setting and then apply to an entire series of images, allowing you to colour correct in seconds.

SpyderCube provides fast and accurate whitepoint correction, as well as bracketed adjustments for highlights and blacks. The white face of SpyderCube helps define highlights in relation to the catch-light, the grey face measures colour temperature and mid-tone response and the black face defines shadows in relation to the black trap, which itself defines absolute black.

Compact and simple to use, the SpyderCube is the definitive white balance and grey card solution, can be hung in any environment or mounted on a tri-pod, making SpyderCube the indispensible colour control tool that belongs in every photographer's equipment bag.

The SpyderCube boasts numerous features and functions including:

* Fast and accurate whitepoint correction
* Spectrally neutral, so responds accurately to all lighting conditions
* Accurately adjust shadows and highlight detail in any RAW image
* Instantly correct image colours by setting temperature values
* Bracketed highlight and blacks adjustment
* Includes black trap, for shadow detail correction
* Use with any RAW conversion software
* Can also be used to improve JPEG files
* Ideal for location shooting
* Dimensions - 37mm (1.5 inches)
* 1 year hardware warranty
Manufacturer's description
Shooting in RAW mode gives you creative freedom but processing a RAW file is often a long, trial-and-error operation. SpyderCube accelerates RAW processing in providing references to set the white balance, exposure, black level and brightness right from the start. Simply take one reference shot with SpyderCube under the same light condition, adjust, save as preset and apply to the entire series.

Designed for anyone who shoots with a Digital SLR or in RAW mode from amateurs to professionals
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