Stenoflex Pinhole Kit - Classroom Kit

Stenoflex Pinhole Kit - Classroom Kit

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20x Pinhole Camera Kits including one demonstration model

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The Stenoflex is a complete pinhole camera kit with a difference.

It enables you to reproduce the individual steps of black and white photography, from taking the photo to printing. (Paper and the chemicals needed for developing the images are included with the box).

It offers you a totally different approach from that of digital photography and makes it possible for you to discover the basic way of creating a photographic image. This is an invitation to take things slowly, to enjoy a surprising and amazing experience.

Based around a cardboard box which functions as the camera, using it is both simple and rewarding.
A mini-darkroom is provided meaning unlike other pinhole cameras this is a truly portable analogue image making solution. To make a picture, you remove one of the10 photographic (3.5 inch square) sheets from the lightproof bag, then place it in position in the holder inside the camera. You then close the camera, and you are ready to take a picture.

The 'hand' at one side of the box functions as the shutter - when you pull the hand, the pinhole slides into position, and the photographic paper is exposed to the light. Once you have taken the picture, slide the hand back and you close the pinhole shutter. Typically, allow 20 seconds on a sunny day which will be sufficient for a correct exposure. Double that for a normal overcast British cloudy day. Then it is back to the darkroom!

Powder Developer and fixer are also included but need water adding to make into a working solution. In the darkroom, remove the exposed photograph from the camera and place it in the developer. You will see the image appear. Once the image has developed fully, transfer the picture to the fixer. After the picture has been fixed, you then rinse it and allow it to dry. Refill kits are also available.

Your image will of course be a black and white negative. Then either scan the image to reverse it or contact-print with another sheet of paper to produce a positive image.

The Stenoflex box is 11.5x11.5x5 cm and comes in black or red options.

The contents of this kit include 21 unfolded Stenoflex + one folded Stenoflex to know how to fold it, 105 sheets of photographic paper, 3.8l of developer and fixer, 21 pairs of gloves, a red safelight bulb and 21 sets of instructions.

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