Sigma EF 610 DG ST Flashgun, Pentax

Sigma EF 610 DG ST Flashgun, Pentax
Sigma EF 610 DG ST Flashgun, PentaxSigma EF 610 DG ST Flashgun, PentaxSigma EF 610 DG ST Flashgun, Pentax

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Guide No 34 (24mm), 17-105mm illumination, tilt and swivel

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* Designed to work with all popular SLR cameras
* Illumination covers a focal length from 17mm to 105mm
* Fully automatic flash photography for easy operation
* Tilt and swivel head for bounce flash photography

Our opinion:

Sigma's new 610 DG flashgun is powerful (guide no 34 at 24mm; 61 at 105mm). The autozoom function works from 24 to 105mm.

What we like about it is the bounce and swivel facility; the head can be tilted up by 90 degrees, to the left by 180 degrees, or to the right by 90 degrees.

Bouncing a flash off a ceiling or wall is the easiest way to diffuse harsh flash light - and the brilliant thing about it is that you don't need any extra gadgets for it. The other great thing about bounced flash is that the camera's TTL metering system still work and kill the flash output when the right exposure has been reached - so this method is also very easy to use.

Sigma's competitively priced EF 610 DG will make a huge difference to your flash photography - especially if thus far you have been using your DSLR's inbuilt flash.

Highly recommended *****
Manufacturer’s Description
The EF-610 DG ST is multifunctional shoe mount type flash, featuring a powerful Guide Number of 61 and designed to work with the most popular digital SLR cameras. This flash unit provides fully automatic flash photography for digital SLRs with automatic TTL exposure control. It combines a convenient array of functions with ease of handling, and includes an Autozoom head that automatically sets the optimum illumination angle between 24mm and 105mm, as well as offering bounce and swivel capability.

The EF-610 DG ST is designed to work with the latest TTL auto exposure systems of most popular manufacturers' digital SLR cameras. The camera will control the amount of flash lighting to achieve the appropriate exposure for the subject.

Autozoom function for changing the illumination angle
This function automatically sets the optimum illumination angle in accordance with the lens' focal length in a range from 24mm to 105mm. When the built-in Wide Panel is used, the flash can cover an angle of up to that of a 17mm lens.

Bounce-flash function with movable flash head
The flash head can be tilted up as much as 90?, and swivel to the left by 180?, or to the right by 90?. Bounce photography, in which light is reflected off a white wall or the ceiling or a reflector, increases your range of photographic expression. As the flash head can also be tilted down by 7?, the flashgun can also be used for close-up photography.

Catch Light Panel
This flash is equipped with a built-in catch light panel, which can create a sparkle in the eyes of the subject when the bounce flash mode is activated.

AF Auxiliary Light for accurate auto-focus in low light conditions
AF may not work efficiently in a dark place. However, the AF auxiliary light mechanism of the EF-610 DG ST lets you control AF even in situations where autofocusing is difficult.

Manual flash power level control
In manual flash mode, you can set the flash power level of the EF-610 DG ST with two levels : Full power and 1/16.

Auto Power-Off function prevents wasted power
Even if the flash is left with the power switched on, it automatically shuts off if left unused for a certain length of time. This conserves battery power in the flashgun. When the shutter button is depressed halfway, the power turns on again and charging resumes.
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