Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG, C, OS HSM, Canon

Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG, C, OS HSM, Canon
Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG, C, OS HSM, CanonSigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG, C, OS HSM, Canon

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Stabilized with free 1.4x Teleconverter

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* DG - for full frame sensor coverage
* OS - Optical stabilizer built into the lens
* HSM - featuring an ultrasonic wave driven motor
* C - Contemporary line
* 3 SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass elements
* 1 FLD (characteristics of fluorite) glass element
* Minimum focus distance 2.8m
* Maximum magnification ratio 1:4.9
* 1.9 kg

This ultra-telephoto zoom lens covers a focal range of 150 to 600mm and allows photographers to bring distant subject really close.

This Contemporary lens is (comparatively) compact and lightweight, features a splash proof coating at the front and further benefits from a detachable tripod mount.

Sigma's OS (Optical Stabilizer) function offers the use of shutter speeds approximately 4 stops slower. Two OS modes are available: Mode 1 for general photography and Mode 2 for motor sports and other applications requiring panning. In Mode 2, the acceleration sensor teams up with the Intelligent OS and its updated stabilization algorithm to deliver effective stabilization while you move the camera horizontally, vertically, or diagonally - regardless of the position of the lens.

If you are uncertain whether you want the 'Contemporary' or 'Sport' version of this lens, we have created a helpful PDF (see above), to compare both lenses.

Lens Construction 20 Elements in 14 Groups
Angle of View 16.4 - 1 degrees
Number of Diaphragm Blades 9 Blades
Minimum Aperture F22
Minimum Focusing Distance 280cm/110.2 in.
Maximum Magnification 1:4.98
Filter Size Diameter 95mm
Filter Size Bayonet-type Hood
Dimensions Diameter 105mm X Length 260mm - 3.7 in. X 9.9 in.
Weight 1930g
Manufacturer’s Description
The highly compact, lightweight version of the 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports lens in our Sports line. When removed from the camera, this lens is easy to carry.
The tripod socket may be detached and replaced with a protective cover to further reduce weight and make handheld photography an even more lightweight and convenient experience. This lens is the optimal choice for photographers who desire super-telephoto functionality while staying light on their feet.

150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM

The highly compact, lightweight version of the 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports lens in our Sports line.
Exemplifying the outstanding performance of the Contemporary line, this lens offers the same high optical performance in a lightweight package ideal for a wide variety of photographic scenes.

Retaining the basic specifications of the SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports in the Sports line, this lens offers lightweight and compact construction ideal for carrying and extended handheld photography. With an emphasis on optical performance, this lens features FLD ('F' Low Dispersion), SLD (Super Low Dispersion), and other fine glass elements and optimized power distribution. An issue for hyper-telephoto lenses in particular at the telephoto end, optical aberrations have been minimized throughout the zoom range. Dust- and splash-proof, to facilitate photography in the field, and featuring a detachable tripod socket for more convenient handheld photography, this lens is a lightweight high-performance model offering outstanding usability.

Leveraging the latest technology to combine outstanding optical performance with compact design, this line is perfect for a wide range of photographic scenes.

SIGMA is organizing all its interchangeable lenses into three product lines; Contemporary, Art and Sports. Among the three, the Contemporary line is a high performance line which incorporates the very latest technology making it possible to accommodate both high optical performance and compactness for use in various photography situations. SIGMA has solved the difficult problem of keeping the size and weight down without compromising optical performance and function with the latest technology.

Detachable tripod socket.

The tripod socket is detachable, allowing the lens to be carried by itself. After the socket is replaced with the protective cover, the lens weighs only 1,830 g for easier carrying. Without the socket, the lens has minimal protruding parts and fits well into limited space for storage. Moreover, the tripod socket is made of magnesium, which is light and strong at the same time.

A robust specification offering both maneuverability and usability.
While lightweight, this model offers robust core functionality for use in a wide variety of photographic scenes. The result is a super-telephoto lens with outstanding performance.

This lightweight lens is easy to carry and use in a wide variety of photographic scenes. At the same time, as may be expected of a member of our high-performance Contemporary line, this lens features all the core functionality you need for your photography, including splash- and dust-proof construction, a zoom lock switch that can be set for any focal length, a water- and oil-repellent lens coating, an easily accessible AF/MO/MF switch, and a newly designed tripod socket. This lens is also compatible with SIGMA?s newly developed teleconverters (sold separately), with which it offers AF up to F8.
Dust-proof and splash-proof mount.

As with the SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM|Sports from the Sports line, the lens mount incorporates rubber sealing to protect the mount from dust and water drops.
Water and oil-repellent coating helps ensure performance in all conditions.

The foremost lens elements feature a water- and oil-repellent coating that allows water to be wiped away easily and prevents oil and fat from sticking to the surface, even in challenging shooting conditions. This coating also makes maintenance of the lens surface easier.
Zoom lock switch that can be set at any focal length.

The new zoom lock switch enables the zoom ring to be locked at any focal length. It can be fixed at the photographer?s desired focal length, which allows stable shooting even when the lens is positioned upward or downward. This feature is also useful during long-exposure photography.

TSC (Thermally Stable Composite)

Conventionally it is considered essential to leverage the qualities of metal and polycarbonate in camera and lens layout design. A first for the industry, the barrel of the new series of SIGMA lenses features a new TSC (Thermally Stable Composite)* that offers minimal thermal shrinkage combined with exceptional hardness. It also offers 25% greater elasticity than polycarbonate. Since its thermal shrinkage is low, TSC matches well with metal parts, further contributing to the high-precision construction of the lens.

TSC (Thermally Stable Composite) offers thermal expansion characteristics similar to those of aluminum. Parts made with TSC deform less, making possible lens construction of extremely high precision. As compared to polycarbonate containing 20% glass, a commonly used material, TSC offers approximately 70% higher elasticity. As compared to polycarbonate containing 30% glass, it offers 25% higher elasticity. (Comparison is between SIGMA-produced components.)

Intelligent OS featuring updated algorithm.

The OS (Optical Stabilizer) function features an acceleration sensor to ensure even higher precision. Two OS modes are available: Mode 1 for general photography and Mode 2 for motor sports and other applications requiring panning. In Mode 2, the acceleration sensor teams up with the Intelligent OS and its updated stabilization algorithm to deliver effective stabilization while you move the camera horizontally, vertically, or diagonally?regardless of the position of the lens. This feature helps ensure effective panning and outstanding capture of moving subjects.

Note: This lens is incompatible with film SLR cameras with the exception of the Nikon F6 and Canon EOS-1V.
Two full-time manual modes available,
including manual override.

In addition to AF and MF, MO (Manual Override) is available as an option via the focus mode switch. When the switch is set in the MO position, the lens may be switched to manual focus simply by rotating the focus ring?even during continuous AF. In the AF position, standard full-time manual focus remains available. With the SIGMA USB DOCK (sold separately), you can easily customize the degree of twist sensitivity in MO mode.

Quieter and faster optimized AF

The HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor) ensures high speed and quiet AF. Enhancing the drive algorithm applied in previous models, SIGMA has enhanced focus accuracy in autofocus continuous (AF-C) mode by 5 percent.
High-precision, rugged brass bayonet mount

The brass mount combines high precision with rugged construction. Its treated surfaces and enhanced strength contribute to the exceptional durability of the lens.

Featuring enhanced usability, this lens offers the outstanding optical performance of SIGMA?s Contemporary line.
Minimized transverse chromatic aberration?thanks to FLD and SLD glass lens elements.

FLD glass, SLD glass

This lens features one FLD ('F' Low Dispersion) glass* element, which offers performance equivalent to fluorite, and three SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass elements to minimize chromatic aberration. In particular, the low-dispersion glass elements and optimized power distribution help minimize transverse chromatic aberration, which can tend to affect the telephoto end and cannot be reduced by adjusting focus. The end result is outstanding image quality throughout the zoom range.

*FLD glass is ultra-low-dispersion glass that offers performance of the highest level. Highly transparent, its refractive index and dispersion are extremely low as compared to conventional types of glass. It offers characteristics very similar to those of fluorite, which is valued for its anomalous dispersion. These characteristics minimize residual chromatic aberration (secondary spectrum), which cannot be corrected by ordinary optical glass, while helping to produce sharp, high-contrast images.
Flare and ghosting reduction

From an early stage in the lens design process, flare and ghosting have been measured to establish an optical design resistant to strong incident light sources such as backlighting. SIGMA?s Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces flare and ghosting to help photographers produce sharp and high contrast images even in backlit conditions. The included lens hood can be attached to block out extraneous light, which can have a negative effect on rendering performance.

Exclusive low-dispersion glass

The degree to which light is refracted by glass depends on the light's wavelength. This fact causes different colors of light to focus at slightly different points. The result is chromatic aberration, the color fringing that is particularly noticeable in telephoto lenses. Most chromatic aberration can be removed by combining a high-refractivity convex lens element with a low-refractivity concave element. Yet residual chromatic aberration known as 'secondary spectrum' may still remain. To minimize this secondary spectrum, which can be a serious issue with conventional lenses, SIGMA lenses feature up to three types of exclusive low-dispersion glass offering superior performance: ELD (Extraordinary Low Dispersion), SLD (Special Low Dispersion) and FLD ('F' Low Dispersion). In particular, FLD glass offers ultra-low dispersion in combination with high transmittance and the anomalous dispersion characteristics of fluorite. Meticulous deployment of these types of exclusive low-dispersion glass and optimization of power distribution gives SIGMA lenses superlative image rendition undiminished by residual chromatic aberration.

SIGMA lens technology

Rounded diaphragm

When photographing with point light sources such as electric lights or reflections on a body of water in the background, the rounded 9-blade diaphragm helps produce an attractive bokeh effect?even at large-aperture settings.
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  • Camera fit: Canon fit
  • Focal Range: Telephoto lens
  • Lens Types: Image Stabilisation, Zoom lens
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