Rollei Ortho25 Plus film, 5 x 4in, ISO 25

Rollei Ortho25 Plus film, 5 x 4in, ISO 25
Rollei Ortho25 Plus film, 5 x 4in, ISO 25Rollei Ortho25 Plus film, 5 x 4in, ISO 25Rollei Ortho25 Plus film, 5 x 4in, ISO 25Rollei Ortho25 Plus film, 5 x 4in, ISO 25Rollei Ortho25 Plus film, 5 x 4in, ISO 25

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Rollei ortho film is an orthochromatic sensitized photographic material coated onto a clear and stable 100u polyester base. Depending on the type of processing, this film offers the choice of different applications: Display film for backlighting + normal viewing on light boxes.

It is a technical, orthochromatic black and white photographic film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 25/15 and characterized by a high sensitivity reserve of up to two f-stops, depending upon development. The document emulsion offers fantastic grain images with high sharpness. Rollei ORTHO 25 is ideal for technical and scientific applications and as a halftone film for pictorial photography. The crystal-clear RC base opens up the possibility of using the film as a B&W slide film.

Technical and scientific applications:
* reproductions
* reproduction of X-ray images
* astrophotography
* black and white slides and blue slides
* Graphic distancing

For this application, in particular, we recommend Rollei High Contrast (RHC) developer (1 + 5, 5 - 6 min.). Halftone film for pictorial photography: Rollei Ortho 25 in combination with Rollei Supergrain (RSG) exceptional grain contrast developer offers the highest standards of sharpness and excellent grain. Ortho 25 has also developed a legendary reputation when used in combination with Rollei Low Contrast developer. The results are reminiscent of qualities obtained by a Technical Pan film. This particular developer softens the comparatively steep gradation. Extreme fine grain and high sharpness, coupled with detailed grey tones, can be achieved in this way.

* low-speed orthochromatic black and white film
* spectral sensitivity of 380 to 610 nm
* special coating to improve the transport properties of the film in the camera
* suitable for use in daylight and artificial light, without any restrictions
* Polyester base with high tear resistance, ideal for archiving LE 500. Extremely high resolving power of 330 line pairs/mm, depending on the developer
* beautiful grain and high sharpness as a base for excellent-quality negatives
* ideal for scanning and digital processing

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Product Features
4 x 5 film ISO 25
  • Film size: 4 x 5 film
  • Film Speed: ISO 25
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