Marumi 77mm (200) +5 Achromat Macro filter

Marumi 77mm (200) +5 Achromat Macro filter

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Macro photography with edge to edge sharpness

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Marumi's new Achromat Macro filters are designed for digital or film cameras and they shorten the focal length of your lens by bringing your subject closer.

They do this with outstanding clarity and at a price that is less than a normal macro lenses. If your lens already has a macro mode, Achromat filters will increase and enhance it, allowing for even greater magnification.

Available in +3 and +5 magnification options, they both produce outstanding edge to edge clarity which is unsurpassed by any other filter product. This breakthrough technology developed by Marumi makes DHG Achromat filters ideal for small product photography, like jewellery, delicate flowers, detailed electronic circuit or similar subjects where detail and sharpness are critical.

DioptAchromatic, or double-element filters, are made from two lenses cemented together. The advantage of achromatic close-up filters over close-up filters is better optical quality. This is because the chromatic aberration of each lens cancels the chromatic aberration of the other lens. Chromatic aberration is when a lens does not focus all of the colors of light on the same plane.
There are 2 Marumi lenses available with +3 (330) or +5 (200) diopters.
The +3 and +5 refer to the diopter of each lens and the 330 and 200 is the focal length.

With a camera's lens focused on infinity and a +1 diopter fitted the maximum focus distance becomes 1 metre, with a +2 it becomes 0.5 metres and with a +4 it becomes 0.25 metres - this is also known as working distance.
There is a simple formula to calculate the focal length 1 / 3 = 333 and 1 / 5 = 200 therefore the Marumi +3 diopter lens will provide a focal length or maximum working distance of 330mm and the +5 will provide 200mm.
You can also use 2 lenses coupled together - it is recommended that you attach the most powerful first - this means a +5 and +3 will give a diopter of +8 and a working distance of 125mm.

The advantage of an add/on macro lens depends on the lens you're adding it to. To calculate this you first need to know the equivalent diopter of the lens you're using e.g:
If the lens you are using has a close focus distance of .82m you calculate the diopter with the following equation:
D (diopter) = 1 / .82 = 1.22 - therefore the lens has a diopter of 1.22
Add to this the diopter of the lens or lenses that you are adding i.e. +3
D = 1.22 + 3 = 4.22
To calculate this number into the new focus distance, calculate the inverse of the new diopter:
D = 1 / 4.22 = 0.24m

Other advantages of Achromat lenses are that there is no loss in light and they can be used on wide, standard, tele or zoom lenses also the definition is very good and there is reduced colour fringing.

Other filters can provide simple magnification. Only DHG Achromat Macro filters can provide the full-frame sharpness, detail, and clarity that today's serious photographers demand.

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  • Filter Size: 77mm
  • Filter Type: Close Up
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