Lumu Power Light Meter

Lumu Power Light Meter
Lumu Power Light MeterLumu Power Light MeterLumu Power Light MeterLumu Power Light MeterLumu Power Light Meter

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The colour temperature, flash, ambient exposure and illuminance meter for your iPhone

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The Lumu Power can measure colour temperature, flash, ambient exposure and illuminance in a meter that plugs into the top of your iPhone.

It features a small hemisphere with a flat back which merely plugs into the Lightning port of your phone.
Its diameter is about the size of a 50 pence piece, and you get a small black carrying case to protect it when travelling.

It is a full light meter for the future with so many light and colour features, all of which are connected via the App (downloadable from the iOS App Store). The interface on the App makes it much more straightforward to use than a standard light meter, with large typeface and a touch-screen interface while using your phone.

For Flash and Ambient exposure you use the Dome Side by using the fast silicon photodiode. It takes 750.000 measurements per second. Using it this way, you position the meter directly in front of the subject of your image, with the dome facing toward the camera lens. Alternatively, in Ambient Mode, you can use see the proper aperture, shutter speed, and ISO needed to get a good exposure.

If it is a Spot Reading you need, no problem, but you use your phone's camera rather than the meter.

On the Flat side, you can measure Illuminance, Colour Temperature and Chromaticity with a state-of-the-art True Color sensor. Know if you have enough light and see, from a graph, how the light changes over time. We marvelled at how it to measure the temperature of the LED lights we use in the studio, and then how to balance for casts.

Change any one of the measured components, and the others will adjust automatically. You can even take a reading when you want to underexpose or overexpose a shot intentionally or adapt its output to compensate for any ND filters you may be using. There are also tools to calculate values for multiple exposure images and pinhole images.

The Lumu Power is excellent value for money when compared to conventional meters. It is accurate, compact, and a great tool for measuring the intensity and colour of light.

Manufacturer's Description
One light meter to rule them all
Flash and Ambient exposure

Dome Side measures Ambient and Flash Exposure by using the fast silicon photodiode. It takes 750.000 measurements per second. It can see light, when you think there's none.

Additionally measures:
- multiple points and calculates average value
- flash duration in range 1/40.000s - 1/250s
- flash vs. ambient ratio, accurate down to 1%
- pinhole exposure with added automatic timer
- exposure for cinematographers in FPS and Shutter Angle

Color and Illuminance

Flat Side measures Illuminance, Color Temperature and Chromaticity with a state-of-the art True Color sensor based on the color standard CIE 1931/DIN 5033.

Additional features:
- showing Color Temperature Green vs. Magenta shift (Tint)
- Illuminance in lux or foot-candles
- balancing multiple lights with color filters (libraries included: Rosco, Lee, Wratten, ...)

Build quality

Made from Stainless Steel and Polycarbonate, Lumu Power is able to withstand use and abuse of every outdoor explorer.

Compatible with all iOS devices using Lightning connector running iOS 8+
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